Day 3 of the Burton Canadian Open

An impressive field of 50 riders was cut down to 15, and then the next 10 highest scores from both session one and session two move on to tomorrow’s slopestyle qualification round.

Canadian Open 2009.  Copyright: opensnowboarding.comThe judges were impressed with the creativity they were seeing on course, like that of Matt Munn who pulled a Michael Jackson to knee slide on the down box, stomping it and proceeding to unbuckle his back foot and bust out a fast plant on the mushroom cap.

But it was Warren Williams who landed the top spot in men’s session two of slope pre-quals with a run that started off with a 270 board slide into a 270 front board 270 out, followed by a frontside 180 switch 50/50 180 out on the street rail, followed by a switch backside 900 on the first kicker followed by a huge frontside 1080, then pulled a 50/50 on the dance floor to 50/50 on the box, and ended with a frontside 360 over the mushroom.

1 Warren Williams CAN
2 Drew Brighton USA 
3 Craig Beaulieu CAN
4 Sage Kotsenburg USA
5 Kael Hill CAN

Also advancing on to the men’s slopestyle qualifications are Robert Blank, Christopher Waker, Charles White, Josh Sherman, Jonathan Cheever, Pierce Mimura, Kiichiro Kazumi, Mitch Crowshaw, Tanner Davidson and Pierre Houde.

Then it was the ladies turn to drop into the pipe for women’s halfpipe qualifications this afternoon. A field of over 20 riders was cut in half, those lucky remaining ladies advancing on to Saturday’s semi-finals where they will battle it out for a piece of the $50,000 prize purse. The girls were getting good amplitude and putting together solid runs, and Canada’s own Palmer Taylor landed the first qualifying spot with a run that started off with a frontside 540 mute, into a stylish method, followed by a frontside stalefish, then a backside tailgrab, into a frontside 720.

Result Halfpipe Qualifications Women
1 Palmer Taylor CAN Burton
2 Kimberly Cameron CAN Frontside Board
3 Katie Tsuyuki CAN Sony
4 Jordie Karlinski USA Nikita
5 Julianne Brackett USA Betty Rides
6 Calynn Irwin CAN K2
7 Spencer O`Brien CAN Burton
8 Lauren Shanahan CAN ---
9 Kara Rennie CAN Nikita
10 Kubik Susanna CAN Skaters Boardshop



Pospisil demolishes Red Bull Snowscrapers

Under the bright lights of the New York City skyline in front of a supportive crowd battling a frigid cold, U.S. rider Shayne Pospisil pushed through a hard-hitting field of world-class snowboarders to claim the inaugural Red Bull Snowscrapers title.

Airtime im Bergisel Stadion in Innsbruck.  Foto: Billabong Air & Style 2009

Colin Frei wins at the Billabong Air & Style 2009 in Innsbruck

The winner of the Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck Tirol 09 is Colin Frei (SUI). The 20-year old prevailed with a McTwist Indy Grab (height 6.50 m) in a memorable final in the 12.20 m high quarterpipe over Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) and Olivier Gittler (FRA).


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