Burton Asian Open cancelled

After careful consideration, all parties agreed that the timing of the event would not be conducive to the athletes' already busy schedules, especially in an Olympic year.

Chas Guldemond at Asian Open.  Foto: Yoshito"Our first goal with any Global Open Series event is to provide riders with the best scenario possible," said Burton Events Director Liam Griffin. "We had already made the decision to push the event into the first week in March instead of the normal dates the last week of February. This allowed a bit of time in the schedule after the Olympics, but made things pretty tight with the US Open. After talking to riders, we decided it was better to just take a year off with the Asian event, rather than risk burning people out after such a hectic early season."

The Burton Asian Open was scheduled to take place from March 2 till 7, 2010 at ALTS Bandai in Japan. With the cancellation of the Asian Open, the amount of results needed for riders to maximize their chance of winning the BGOS title has been reduced from five to four. This adjustment will allow more riders to have a shot at the title despite the busy Olympic season. New this year, the top three men and women finishers in the Burton Global Open Series will be awarded cash prizes, totaling 200,000 US Dollar.

The Burton European Open (BEO) is next event in the Burton Global Open Series. Taking place in Laax, Switzerland from January 9 till 16, the European Open offers riders a generous prize purse of 125,000 US Dollar, important points towards the male and female 2010 Burton Global Open Series Championship titles and points towards the Swatch TTR (Ticket to Ride) World Tour Ranking.


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