Burton AM Tour: Cowboys ride it hard, Cowgirls ride it harder

The AM Tour 2008/09 is back on track after a long and almost unbearable break. We are looking forward to seeing more of this “Join, Create and Progress” from your side guys.

Rider at Absolut Park.  Foto: Ueli ChristoffelOn Saturday 24 January, 49 competitors from ten European countries united at the Absolut Park Flachauwinkl. The first outdoor contest of this year’s Tour was held in one of the sickest parks in Austria. The park shapers gave their best to present a neatly shaped setup of kickers including a “monster” with an 18 meter table. Besides this, a tricky Rollercoaster Box and a huge Wallride with the size of a single family home made the park a perfect playground.

The local cowboys and cowgirls showed an awesome riding level. As they played their cards, the foreign greenhorns didn’t seem to be impressed by the show and raised the bar even higher. It ended in a breath-taking battle where the competitors gave their best shots!

After the crazy qualification it was clear that only the hotshots from Austria, from the Netherlands and from Slovenia were fighting for the first places in the finals. At high noon it was the Austrian sheriff Thomas Minichberger who won the Junior Boys category. He demonstrated his skills with a 50/50 Nollie off on the Rollercoaster Box, a fresh Switch Backside 540 and a Frontside 720 Mute on the biggest kicker of the course. The local Lisa Harml won the Junior Girls category by showing a sweet Backside Boardslide on the Kinked-Box, a Frontside 180 and a smooth Wallride.

The Youth Boys category was won by Tim-Kevin Ravnjak from Slovenia with another insane run out of his huge repertoire. Within the Youth Girls category it was Klementyna Kolodziej from Poland who was triumphant. The contest was over and the brave cowboys and cowgirls rode towards the setting sun and they lived happily ever after… yeeehaaaw! While the riders are returning home from the fourth competition, the Burton AM Tour Team is already preparing the next Swatch TTR2 Star event in Adelboden. The race for the BEO Package goes on and you are a part of it!



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Shaun White.  Foto: Lämmerhirt

Kelly Clark and Kevin Pearce win BEO Halfpipe Titles

Kelly Clark (USA) and Kevin Pearce won the 10th Annual Burton European Open halfpipe finals for the second consecutive year. Each will take home 15,000 USD.

Weltmeister Aono in der Halfpipe.  Foto: fotograferen.net

Liu and Aono take first Asian gold medals in the halfpipe

With Jiayu Liu (CHN) and Ryoh Aono (JPN) two of the main aspirants for Gold grabbed the Halfpipe title at the 2009 FIS Snowboard World Championships Gangwon, Korea.

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