Burton AM Tour in Castleford

Bispingen is the past and the Burton AM Tour is on the road with a new mission. Bring the pleasure of join, create and progress to the British soil.

Burton AM Tour.  Copyright: Ueli ChristoffelAfter another day in the fridge all shaping and tuning was through and the park was ready to get rocked. Competition day, Saturday the 22nd of November: After the boarding time at the inscription was over, it seemed that only 29 British competitors were about to arrange this contest among themselves.

In the finals one wicked run followed the other but in the end it was Jamie Nicholls who grabbed the gold medal in the Junior Boys category with some awesome rail action on the Double-Kinked followed by a Cab Underfilp over the Kinked, a Backside 720 and a sick slide 180 on – 180 off on the gas pipe rail. Within the Junior Girls category the main protagonist and winner of the finals was Sophie Bradshaw-Turner. In the younger categories, the Youth’s, it was Gino Rupp and Katie Ormerod who convinced the judges with their skills and celebrated their second triumph on the current Tour.

With the second win on the Tour Jamie, Gino and Katie moved themselves into a brilliant position to become the Overall Tour Winner and snatch the BEO Package provided by the main partner Volvo and Burton.

The second stop of the Tour, a captivating battle between the British and the Dutch was a delightful feast. Yes ma'am we are hungry for some more “international cuisine”. Let’s see what Landgraaf offers on December 6th.



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Burton AM Tour in Bispingen.  Copyright: Organiser

First event of Burton AM Tour is over

Last Saturday almost 70 riders responded the call of the Burton AM Tour and united in the Snow Dome Bispingen in order to kick off the new season of the series.

Janne Korpi in Sweden.  Copyright: Oliver Kraus, FIS

Janne Korpi again on top in Stockholm

After Peetu Piiroinen was able to claim victory in London, another Finn took home the Gold medal in the second Big Air of the 2009 Snowboard FIS World Cup.

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