Big airs and a great atmosphere at Big Bäng Bolsterläng

On last Saturday, February 14th the ski- and snowboard-scene out of the Allgaeu and the whole Alp-region met in Bolsterlang. The Big Bäng Bolsterläng attracted the riders with an impressive setup.

Boarder on the Rail.  Copyright: Stefan EignerExactly 101 riders wanted to take the challenge at the Big Bäng Bolsterläng and so already in the early morning scores of riders entered the rider’s registration at the bottom station of the Hörnerbahn. Last but not least due to the sunny weather, everyone was highly motivated for the upcoming contest.

Having arrived on the mountain, the riders were impressed by the highly spectacular setup, consisting of a jib-line with a kicker, a rainbowbox and a downrail as well as a big air-line with a huge multifunctional gap-kicker with a corner and a downrail. Here, the various top class riders as well as the young guns found perfect conditions for nearly all imaginable aerial tricks and already in the training highly sophisticated trick variations were shown.

Due to the high number of participants the qualification in the categories snowboard and ski kids and girls led directly to the final result. In these categories every rider had two qualifying runs on the jib-line of which the better one was counted. Because of the high injury risk, the big air-line was reserved exclusively for the men categories.

Lukas Joas from Oberstdorf was the one, who again dominated the category ski kids and in the category snowboard kids, Felix Georgii from Rettenberg impressed the judges the most with his rail performance. Only two girls participated in the category ski girls and so Martina Happach and Ruth Hagspiel had to duel each other. Martina from Lenggries finally won the battle. In the category snowboard girls at least four girls took the challenge. Stephie Hamann from Kempten prevailed against her contestants with a nice backside 360 and a nosepress and became deserved first. 

In the men’s categories hardball was played and the countless spectators witnessed high and technically demanding aerial variations with a lot of style. In the qualification the riders had one run on the jib-line and two runs on the big air-line and in the finals every rider had then two runs on the big air-line, of which the better one was counted. In the category ski men Roy Kittler made it onto the podium as first placed before Michi Stannat and Johannes Drexl. Jakob Messner perfectly sticked a nice and high 720 and so became first in the snowboard men category.

Subsequent to the contest, the Red Bull Best Trick – Highest Air was waiting for the spectators and the riders as a special. For this purpose, a five metre high treejib was installed right beside the gap-kicker which should scare the hell out of the riders. The contest was carried out in the famous jam format and the riders motivated each other to higher and higher treejibs in a relaxed session. Maximilian Schorer reached the 4.5 m mark on his ski and the snowboarder Thomas Schichter touched the tree in a height of two metres, which is pretty good as this obstacle was in fact very hard to ride with a snowboard.

In the evening, the afterparty hosted  by the Drunkenmasters aka Slim C and Big Joe as well as by the DJ team Wax Wreckaz from Innsbruck took place at the Kitzebichl in Bolsterlang. Both teams rocked the dancefloor and the more than 400 guests with their skilled turntable shows and celebrated the Big Bäng Bolsterläng as if there was no tomorrow.

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