Australian Snowboarding Championships 2008

The Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour is marking the end of its southern-hemisphere stretch with world class action at the 5Star Burton Australian Snowboarding Championships.

Chas Guldemond in a Halfpipe.  Photo: Jess Mooney While US riders Guldemond and Anderson have a already begun to break away from the pack, setting a strong foundation of excellent early season results, both riders will certainly be feeling the pressure down under as the onslaught of fierce competition begins its never ending attack. Based on Guldemond's track record so
far, one that includes already five results and two podiums, the race for Tour Lead is sure to be close.

Further down in the rankings, some of the best riders in the world will be seeking to solidify their place in the Men's Top 10 in Australia, including current World No. 2 Kanne Korpi (FIN), current World No. 3 Charles Reid (CAN), Mikkel Bang (NOR), Markus Malin (FIN), Torstein Horgmo (NOR). Current World No. 4 James Hamilton from
New Zealand who had been in the Tour lead after the 3Star Billabong Snow Stock and will surely try his best stay in the top of the rankings.

The Women's TTR Top 5 is also set to see some big changes as reigning women's TTR Tour Champion Jamie Anderson attempts to hold off World No. 2 Sina Candrian (SUI) and World No. 3 Ellery Hollingsworth (USA). Anderson, who is considered one of the best Slopestyle riders in the world, has proven her recently amped up pipe skills, edging out famed pip rider Kelly Clark (USA) in Burton New Zealand Open Pipe finals a few weeks ago. Australia provides the perfect backdrop for Anderson to further extend her Tour lead and once again demolish her competitors in both pipe and slope.

But things won't be so easy this time as 06/07 TTR Tour Champion and Australian local Torah Bright returns to the circuit scene, ready to once again take on the best of the best and eager for the sweet taste of victory. Bright will be joined by Cheryl Maas (NED) and Hannah Teter (USA) who are also expected to put forth valiant efforts.

2008/2009 - Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour Ranking: 
MEN Rank  Name  Nation  Results  Points 
      1  Guldemond, Chas  USA  5  353.77 
      2  Korpi, Janne  FIN           4  296.84 
      3  Reid, Charles  CAN        4  285.59 
      4  Hamilton, James  NZE    4  272.70 
      5  Zeestraten, Stef  NZE     5  262.75 

WOMEN Rank  Name  Nation  Results  Points 
      1  Anderson, Jamie  USA      4  385.20 
      2  Candrian, Sina  SUI         3  271.57 
      3  Hollingsworth, Ellery  USA  3  249.44 
      4  Gulini, Faye  USA             3  218.15 
      5  Clark, Kelly  USA             2  215.13



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Jamie Anderson was sucessfull again with her halfpipe title at the Burton New Zealand Open 2008.  photo: ttrwordtour

Anderson and Kokubo claim 5Star NZO Halfpipe Titles

Jamie Anderson can enjoy another sucess at the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour 08/09. After winning the slopestyle at the Burton New Zealand Open she also won the halfpipe contest. The Japanese Kazuhiro Kokubo won with high airtimes the title in the male section.


Oakley Stylewars: Riders wage war with style in Australia

The 08/09 season of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour is charging at full steam down under and the anticipation is rising for the first 4Star event on the Tour, the Oakley Stylewars 2008.

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