Art on snow: Additional artists confirmed

The unique art-project “art on snow” from 6th to 13th of December 2008 in Riezlern, Kleinwalsertal is going to become a veritable meeting point of international Board Riders Artists.

Art on Snow.  Copyright: Ralph BernertThe artists Andy Howell, Eva Krusche and Peter Koerbler, who also present themselves and their work at the “art on snow”, were already introduced. Their artistic focus lies on painting, graphic and plastic art. Together with the photographers Stefan Eigner, Sebastian Gogl, Klaus Polzer, Anthony Brey as well as the two locals Nico Galauch and Ralf Bernert introduced in the following, the “art on snow” is going to offer a widespread insight into the current board art scene.

Let us start with one of the two locals. Nico Galauch, who runs an advertising agency in Immenstadt and who had photo-jobs for lots of different companies and magazines within the last years, is going to make his debut as an exhibiting artist at the “art on snow”. Nico is going to present action shots as well as artistic photography. He prefers to not speak about all details on his exhibition and wants to surprise on site. One may of course be looking forward to his work. 

Art on Snow.  Copyright: Nico GalauchStefan, who is senior photographer at Playboard Magazine and also a really enthusiastic board rider, will show a selection of his best shots. He will be on site during the “art on snow” to present his art and also to capture the action taking place at Crystal Ground Snowpark with his cam.

After Basti Gogl unfortunately had to stop riding snowboard due to an accident, he pretty early started to capture his favourite sport with the camera.

In terms of snowboarding photography, he of course brings in a lot of experience for the “art on snow”. We can be looking forward to which treasures of his archives he is going to show.

Also the Skiers will find finest photo art. Klaus Polzer, who is editor in chief of the magazine “Skiing-The next level” and who still spends a lot of time with his camera in the snow, is going to show his favourite shots.

Ralf Bernert is the second local. He is from Oberstdorf and combines sport- and fashion- photography in his shots. He made a lot of his experiences while working two years as senior photographer at the Pleasure Mag. In 2006 he founded the Verve Magazine, where he could develop his skills in fashion photography. An interesting combination of two very different styles is waiting for the public.

Art on Snow.  Copyright: Stefan EignerAnthony Brey discovered photography during a roadtrip through the U.S. The following years he mostly was seen in front of a camera though. He then made his first movie in the year 2000 followed by a couple of other nice Ski- and Mountainbike-movies. Today he is the man behind the Ski- and Mountainbike-magazine Bergstolz and photography is, besides being his passion, a way for him to earn his living. His pictures are great and his exhibition something to look forward to.

Besides the exhibitions, vernissages and workshops of the artists and photographers, the “art on snow” also offers an insight into the history of snowboarding.

Peter Radacher, who runs a snowboarding museum in Mühlbach, will present some of his exhibits likewise in Riezlern. He is going to give the interested visitors a deep insight into the last 40 years of snowboard history with his collection of special, rare boards.

The work of the several artists will be shown at the Casino Kleinwalsertal, at the M&M Bar, at the Restaurant „Beim Haller“ as well as at the upper station of the Kanzelwandbahn.

But also the visitors themselves, young or old, can become artists at the “art on snow”. There will be interesting workshops for photography and painting. For all those who want to advance in sportive matters, the Crystal Ground Snowpark is the place to be.

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