Ästhetiker Jäm: The Countdown To Wängl Tängl 2010 begins

A snowboard contest, a skate contest, and streetart are all in store for the 2010 Ästhetiker Jam Wängl Tängl, from March 10th to 13th. Watch as the event organizers transform Mayrhofen, Austria into a party worth remembering!

Ästhetiker Jäm: The countdown to Wängl Tängl 2010 begins Photo: Alex Papis From the 10th to 13th of March the ultimate of all snowboarding competitions is in Mayrhofen, Austria. For the eighth time, Ästhetiker Jams is back and entertainment is 100% guaranteed in Tirol.  You will not want to miss this cutting edge snowboard team contest where ‘young guns’ and ‘old dogs’ battle it out in a friendly ‘Gäme of Skäte’ format. Legendary Ästhetiker Parties are sure to follow and special streetart performances are defining the Ästhetiker Jäm Wängl Tängl 2010.

‘Young Guns’ and ‘Old Dogs’ together in the Gäng Jäm
In the Gäng Jäm Snowboard Team Contest talented young guns are provided the unique opportunity to share the park with international snowboard pros like Stefan Gimpl or Joonas Mustonen and compare their skills with ‘old dogs’ like Steve Gruber or Beckna. Without a doubt, it will be exciting when big names like Wolle Nyvelt or Gigi Ruef ride alongside with the greatest European ‘young guns,’ showing of their wildest tricks. Plus, a wild card for the Gäng Jam is available at the Shred Down Austrian Masters. The best rookie slopestyle, the best rider slopestyle and the best overall rider will form a team for the Wängl. 

Streetart at its best at the special Design Meeting
The Wängl Tängl live art performances are open to everyone. It is great to see, as the winter garden of the Scotland Yard Pub is transformed into an art studio. Besides the Permanent-Unit, the designer of the new ‘Gruba Libre’ Snowboard, Franz-Nikolaus Scheichenost from the ‘Atzgerei’ crew will also be present. The ‘Atzgerei’ is one of the most renowned art syndicates and the opportunity to watch the artists create deigns for the new Ästhetiker product range at the Wängl Tängl is just another highlight. 

Ästhetiker Jäm: The countdown to Wängl Tängl 2010 begins Photo: Mic Dragaschnig ‘Gäme of Skate’ – special format, special location
No Ästhetiker Jam is complete without a Skate Jam. At the ‘Gäme of Skate’ tension is ensured. The competitors will battle in a direct k.o. system. World famous skaters like Robert Klausner, Andreas Fugger, Reini Ritsch or Oliver Gordon have already announced that they will present nothing less than their best ‘flatland tricks’. The area between the staircases of the ‘Penkenbahn’ in Mayrhofen seems pretty unusual at first glance but it is the perfect venue for a skate jam with a great arena feeling. Don't waste time in finding a good spot to watch!

Notorious and legendary: the Ästhetiker Parties
At the Wängl Tängl you can always expect a sensational party atmosphere. The nightly Ästhetiker Party Program with good old friends is taking care of fat beats and good party Äction. The cherry on top of the sundae is the turntable show of the Waxolutionists in the final ceremony.


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King of Snow: Back Side Wallride in Runde acht Photo: King of Snow

King of Snow: Back Side Wallride in Round 8

Horsefeathers teamrider Derek Bergmann out of Czech Republic shows how a pro can ride walls!

Ästhetiker Jäm Wängl Tängl 2010: Still Älive, läte but fräsh Foto: Veranstalter

Ästhetiker Jäm Wängl Tängl 2010: Still Älive, läte but fräsh

From 10th to 13th of March the mother ship of all Ästhetiker Jams, the Wängl Tängl will take place in Mayrhofen. As known from the Ä Jams, Freestyle Snowboarding on the highest level with the top international Riders can be seen in an especially modified snow park.

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