6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge 2010: Peetu Piiroinen Wins

Amazing snowboarder, Peetu Piiroinen wins at the 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge of 2010. His victory in Oslo, Norway makes him a snowboarding champion of monumental proportions.

Peetu Piiroinen Wins Arctic Challenge.  Photo: StubberudOslo, Norway - One of the world's most successful snowboarders, Peetu Piiroinen takes the win with a first place finish at the 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge.

Tryvann Vinterpark in Oslo, Norway was packed with fans who witnessed Peetu Piiroinen in all his glory as he grabbed up an additional 1000 TTR ranking points on his account and took an unassailable lead. 

In two weeks time, he will be crowned Swatch TTR World Snowboard Champion at the final 6Star event of the Tour, the Burton US Open.  Torstein Horgmo will take second place and Mikkel Bang third.

With this win, the young Fin has earned himself $35 000 USD. Throughout this season, Peetu Piiroinen has continued to show his mastery of the sport. His technique is unmatchable and he has a seemingly untiring ability to tackle the various formats on the Swatch TTR Tour by taking podium placements at every 6Star event on the Tour.

He took 2nd place at the 6Star Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck, Austria, 3rd places at both the slopestyle and halfpipe at the 6Star O’Neill Evolution in Davos and victories in both formats at the 6Star Burton European Open in Laax, Switzerland.

The deserving Piiroinen has shown his exceptional talent and caught the eye of the fans and media worldwide by successfully balancing his commitment on the TTR Tour even while excelling at events outside the Tour.

“It has been the best season ever. Silver medal at the Olympics and now the TTR title. I have got so many podium places and I have had no injuries, it could not have been better,” said Piiroinen. 

Piiroinen's final run consisted of a switch cab 270 to fakie on the top rail, frontside 540 melon on the canon rail, backside 1080 late cork, backside rodeo 720 and a gigantic frontside crail on the hip.

Piiroinen remains modest as always about his win.

“I really didn't expect to win here at the Arctic Challenge, but I knew that I had a good chance to take the title here. It feels so good to take both. And it is the second title in a row. Now I can take it easy and maybe drink a beer.”

The founder of the TTR tour and owner of the 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge, Terje Haakonsen (NOR) praised Piiroinen’s ability to ride all formats on the TTR Tour.

“That is why he is a good snowboarder. He is not specialized, but can ride all of them, also when it comes to quarterpipe he can ride really big. He is just a really solid and inventive rider."


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