4Star Nissan Stomp-It 2010: Unusual Results Due To Weather

Despite inclement weather, the results of the 2010 4Star Nissan Stomp-It favored Gerome Mathieu. The young Frenchman now has his first 4Star title.

Nissan Stomp-It 2010.  Photo: Lorenzo VerdinelliFrance's elite snowboarder, Gerome Mathieu, claimed the 4star title at the 2010 Nissan Stomp-It in Modena, Italy. Mathieu was more than happy to take home the well-deserved 8,000 USD and 500 TTR ranking points.

The weather did not cooperate in Italy for the Nissan Stomp-It. Light rain made the landing of the 46-foot corner jump a bit soft increasing the difficulty for landing tricks.

The results were surprising, since even this year's current tour leader, Gjermund Braaten, was unable to perfect a landing and advance to the finals.

Mathieu, however, had no trouble landing a smooth Frontside 1080 Tailgrab on his third run and getting the results for the victory. Italian rookie Marco Grigis took second place and third went to Finland's Jaakko Ruha, who also received 2000 USD and the “Styleman” title for his Frontside 900 Indy.

“I have ridden a lot of TTR in the last four years and never won or taken the podium, I won today and I’m really happy about that,” said the excited Mathieu.

Nissan Stomp-It 2010.  Photo: Lorenzo VerdinelliJust behind Mathieu at the 2010 Nissan Stomp-It was Marco Grigis. Grigis is the rookie to watch out for since he seems to have many more tricks under his belt and plans to take part in the World Rookie Tour 2011.

Next on the Swatch TTR Tour Next on the Swatch TTR Tour is the 4Star Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam in Austria.


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