Amazing Results Of The 2011 Battery Catfight In Finland

Isabel Derungs from Switzerland was the most versatile rider of the 2011 Battery Catfight, as she took second place in each of the three formats and increased her TTR World Tour Ranking to World No.14.

 The 2011 4Star Battery Catfight culminated with Slopestyle in the small village of Levi in Lapland, Finland. The all-female event featured a $10 000 USD prize purse and a maximum of 500 Swatch TTR Ranking points for each format.

Elena Könz was winner of the Halfpipe format and she now sits in the World No 23 position. Former TTR Tour champion, Enni Rukajärvi, took the Rail Jam victory and Urška Pribošič won the Slopestyle format.

The newly upgraded and renamed 4Star Battery Catfight started off with a 14-foot Halfpipe competition. Twenty-five ladies dropped in and it was Elena Könz who flew the highest. Könz took the victory, leaving Isabel Derungs in second and Saana Pehkonen in third.

The Rail Jam format took place at the heart of the Levi village on March 25th, with a big cheering crowd watching the forty girls hitting the three-rail set up.

Enni Rukajärvi showed off her killer rail combos and her kicker slaying abilities. Enni has become known as one of Finland’s best female snowboarders for her solid performances at top slopestyle events. Enni remains ranked as the World No. 6.

"I'm so happy to be riding back home in Finland," said Enni Rukajärvi. "The level has gone up in the last few years and the girls are doing more versatile tricks."

In second place was Isabel Derungs who landed one of the judges' favourite tricks with a 270 on and 270 off the C-rail. Third place went to Christina (Tini) Gruber, one of Austria's most promising up and coming riders. 

The Slopestyle format was dominated by Urška Pribošič. The excellent snowboarder stomped a clean run consisting of lofty stylish airs, clean grabs and rock solid landings to claim the victory.

 Her run boasted a frontside 180 on to switch backside 180 out on the rail, frontside 720 mute grab, backside 360 tail grab, frontside 360 tail and a tailtap on the last jib feature. With this win, Urska moved up to World No. 28.

Isabel Derungs took yet another second place and Tini Gruber was in third. Both of them will join Urska at the 4Star Billabong Flaunt-It finals in California, USA in a few weeks time.


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