2010 Burton US Open Halfpipe Titles Results 0621

In the 2010 Burton US Open halfpipe finals, Kelly Clark paves the way for female snowboarders and sets the bar high with record breaking skills. On the men's side of the competition Kazuhiro Kokubo celebrates his first title.

Kazuhiro Kokubo.  Photo: Shem RooseKazuhiro Kokubo of Japan and Kelly Clark of the USA displayed some of the most progressive riding in halfpipe history and ultimately won the 2010 Burton US Open halfpipe finals.  Kelly Clark is now the only woman in US Open history to win four halfpipe titles and Kazu claimed his first US Open title.

“It was so great to win here, especially because my good friends Mikkel Bang and Charles Reid also won titles, which made my win feel even better,” said Kazuhiro Kokubo.

The women’s halfpipe contest was dominated by Americans, who swept the podium. Kelly Clark earned an unbeatable 94.17 with her first run. It included a huge frontside air, a backside 540 mute grab, a frontside 720, and a Cab 720 mute, finishing with a frontside corked 900, which also earned her the $3,000 Totino’s Highest Air Award.

“It’s amazing that it’s my fourth US Open halfpipe title,” said Kelly Clark. “It’s so great to come home after such a long season and win here.”

Double corks were the trick of the day in the men’s halfpipe competition, with podium winners throwing down double corks in every run. First Iouri Podladtchikov stepped it up with a mind-blowing run that included a backside 1260 double cork in the middle of his run.

Louie Vito took the lead by a mere fraction of a point, but it was Kazuhiro Kokubo’s run, which that included a frontside 900 melon, his crowd-favorite McTwist Chicken Wing trick followed by three 1080s, that put him on the top spot in the Burton 2010 US Open Halfpipe Finals.

Mikkel Bang.  Photo: Shem Roose

2010 Burton US Open Slopestyle: Mikkel Bang And Sina Candrian Win

Mikkel Bang and Sina Candrian each take the slopestyle podium for the first time in the Burton US Open of 2010. The competition was extremely tight and places were decided by mere fractions of a point.


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Burton US Open Rail Jam 2010.  Photo: Shem Roose

Burton US Open 2010: Charles Reid And Jamie Anderson Win Open Rail Jam

The Burton US Open put on yet another successful event with this year's rail jam, their fourth rail jam to date. Riders had the opportunity to show off their skills as they dropped multiple times in this exciting contest.

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