Telekom Extreme Playgrounds 2010 In Berlin

The Telekom Extreme Playgrounds are coming to Berlin for the crowning culmination of a successful season. In their luggage, they are bringing the alternative-rock band Panic! at the Disco to Berlin's Velodrome.

Telekom Extreme Playgrounds.  Foto: Sascha Jurek/ FunsportingAfter a three-year break, BoySetsFire return and the Telekom Playgrounds are honored to host the stage. When they did their farewell tour in 2007, they played their last show at the first issue of the action sports event series – and they celebrate their return to the stage at the Telekom Playgrounds as well! Following the earlier confirmed Panic! At The Disco, BoySetsFire is the second confirmed band to take the Velodrom stage on December 5th.

“We underestimated how much we would miss it. The communion, the intensity (...) – it just doesn’t exist for us without BoySetsFire. So we are going to start playing together again. All we know now is that BoySetsFire is playing in Berlin on December 5, 2010” says the band.

Ticket sales have already begun. December 5, 2010 is a date bound to make hard core punk history! After a three-year break, BoySetsFire, the quintet from Delaware, are back on a stage. Drums and guitars are shivering with anticipation, while Germany is looking forward to Nathan’s voluminous voice to burn through the Velodrom in Berlin.

They started out in 1994, as a live band without a record, but a political message instead – and they established themselves as a mind-blowing live act in no time. Their first album – “The Day The Sun Went Out” – was released in 1997, followed by “After The Eulogy” (2000), which featured the hit record “Rookie”.

In 2003 they published the album “Tomorrow Come Today”, and keeping the three-year-release rhythm, “The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years” came out in 2006.

Their sound might have gone a bit more emo over the years, but the political messages, and the impulsive live energy have remained the same. After a lot of touring, their success became an international breakthrough in 2005, when BoySetsFire signed a contract with the Swedish record label Burning Heart Records.

Surprinsingly, the band announced their break-up in 2007, and they played their very last live gig on European soil at the very first edition of the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds in Herten. BoySetsFire are back where they left!

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