Millar & de Andrade overall champions of the World Cup Skateboarding Tour 2009

Renton Millar & Carlos de Andrade became overall champions of the World Cup Skateboarding Tour 2009 at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds in Berlin while 15-year-old Axel Cruysberghs (Street) and Danny Mayer (Vert) win skateboarding Events.

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2009 Berlin.  Foto: Tim DalhoffAdrenaline shocks and roaring applause – 4.300 visitors came to see the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds Street Session on December 6th at the Velodrom Berlin. What they got were the finals of the World Cup Skateboarding Tour 2009, world-class riders in skateboarding and BMX, and a huge party with headlining act Deichkind and the Hip-Hop crews Blumentopf and Puppetmastaz. „The season's end of the T-Mobile Playgrounds was a huge success! We've seen an amazing skateboarding and BMX contest, for the first time we presented the official finals of the World Cup Skateboarding Tour 2009, and we got 15-year-old Axel Cruysberghs as our surprise winner. The T-Mobile Playgrounds have established themselves impressively in the premier league of international skate-, and BMX events!“ states the happy organizer of the event series, Lars-Oliver Vogt.

The best won: Collecting the most points through all the tour stops, Australian Renton Millar (Vert) and Carlos de Andrade (Street) became the proud overall winners of the World Cup Skateboarding Tour 2009 in Berlin.The finals in skateboarding street couldn't have been any more exciting. In a breathtaking duel 15-year-old Axel Cruysberghs (BEL) managed to convince the judges a tad bit more than Karlsruhe based pro Alex Mizurov (GER). Axel's runs included moves like backside Kickflips, switch 360°s, and a frontside Feeble grind, so Mizurov ended up having to settle for second place. In skatebording vert Danny Mayer (USA) went balls-out with a Kickflip McTwist. Odds-on favourite Pierre-Luc Gagnon (CAN) managed to top Mayer's move with a Kickflip Body Varial McTwist, but fell before his run was over, settling for third place.

in the BMX Street competition, 19-year-old pro Harry Main (UK) made his way into the amazing finals, and managed to win these with a whopping 93,2 points. The vert ramp had the wheels and heads turning as well. Vince Byron (AUS) went crazy and pulled tricks like a phenomenal 540° Barspin To No Hand. That won the hearts of the judges as well - 1st place.

During the Xbox 360 Contest it was all about the best trick. T-Mobile Local Support winner Michael Beran (CZE) pulled a Truckdriver to Tailwhip 360°, taking his fellow BMX riders out. Austen Seaholm (USA) went to the ledge and did a frontside 5-0 to switch Crooks 360° Heelflip out, leaving no doubt about who was going to take the Xbox home.

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2009 Berlin Foto: Tim Dalhoff In between final rounds, Berlin-based handpuppet-rappers Puppetmastaz and legendary Munich crew Blumentopf provided rhyming trickery and well saturated bass. The big bang, which closed a nothing but amazing day at the T-Mobile Street Session, came with Deichkind and their 3.0 version of their unbelievable live performance, leaving a rocked crowd behind.

As we all know: After the session is before the session. While the rest of the world is busy hugging their loved ones because of some guy's birthday, the organizers of the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds are already in the midst of planning the next international top competition. The world's best riders in Mountainbike Slopestyle and BMX Dirt Jump are already looking forward to April 2010, when the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds return to the Kraftzentrale in Duisburg – including three full live shows, of course. A sensational action sports event on a world-class level. How about a T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds season ticket?!

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