New riders for World Cup of Skateboarding event confirmed

Being the only World Cup of Skateboarding event in Germany for 2008 and with world class BMX riders competing on both street and vert, the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds will host some more extreme sports stars.

Sugarplum Fairy.  Copyright: Universal Emma Svensson Besides the three live concerts with The Offspring, Sugarplum Fairy and another band there will be the world’s best skateboarders and BMXers performing at the Street Session. Newly confirmed riders in BMX street are Summer Session 2007 winner Ben Wallace and vice winner Ben Hennon (both UK), 15-year-old prodigy Bruno Hoffmann, vice German champ in 2008, third-placed Björn Mager (GER) and last but noth least Australian Ryan Guettler who placed second at the Dirt Session 2008.

The BMX halfpipe event is happy to host new entries like the current German champ Benjamin Kopp (GER) and Jan Valenta (CZ). Furthermore there will be Shaun Eglington (UK) who placed 12th at the BMX Masters, Jay Eggleston (USA) who placed 9th at the X-Games, German Tim Eichert who placed 3rd at the German championships, American Zach Shaw who placed 4th at last year’s Street Session and John Parker, also from the US, who placed 9th at the AST Dew Tour Standings 2008.
The skateboarders are as top-notch as well. There will be supreme riders like Adam Dyet (USA) and Rodolfo Ramos (BRA) who will tear the street parcours apart. Neal Hendrix, Sergie Ventura and Alex Perelson, all three of them American skaters with infamous skills will compete for first place. German skateboarder Sascha Müller will also compete as well as his US colleague Adam Taylor and Jussi Korhonen from Finnland.

Since September 27th it is clear who the qualifiers for skateboard and BMX Street are. At the Local Support Challenges in Stuttgart and in Emmering, next to Munich, eight qualifiers were rewarded with the permission to take part. Lem Villemin, Louis Taubert, Yannick Schall and T-Mobile wildcard winner Alex Schultz are the lucky competitors able to enter the Street Session. BMX-wise it’s Sergej Geier, Mark König, Michi Sieren and T-Mobile Wildcard winner Sebastian Baumelt.

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