Slide Quest - UK Slide Competition 2009

Slide Quest is going to be an extraordinary event within the UK Slide Scene, including slide school tutorials, slide jam and a skate around Bristol’s bowl heaven.

Slide Quest Poster.  Illustration: Mark Short Slide Quest will be a two day event, headed by a day of sliding, and followed by a day of skating at some of the infamous parks and hills that Bristol has to offer.

The event is suported by Lush and organised by slide legends Mark Short, Piet Weikens and Will Edgecombe who will also be giving slide tutorials. 

Camping is available for those wishing to attend both days, but be warned, the camping is on hard concrete, so there is no soft ground to secure tent pegs. Alternate accomodation can be found in BnBs or hostels in Bristol. Its a fairly civilized city, get on google and see what you can find.

Entry fee to the competition is £8 if you pre book a space, £10 if you pay on the day. Spaces are limited, so pre book to avoid disapointment!

You may wish to only attend the freeskating on sunday, there is no charge if you only attend the freeskating.

Please note: All skaters must wear a helmet! We also recommend slide gloves and knee/elbow pads.

All entrants to the competition are required to fill out an indemnity waiver, you can do this at the inscription desk on the day.

Event Schedule

Saturday 9th May

1000 Inscription
1100 Slideschool
1300 Lunch
1430 Competition
1700 Main prize giving and honourable mentions
Followed by freeskating, further skate lessons if wanted, bbq, music goes up etc.

Sunday 10th May
Freeskate. Opportunity for further lessons.
St Georges bowl, Ashton Court and other bristol attractions.  
This is an informal day of skating various locations in and around Bristol. Grass roots style. Be prepared to offer lifts to locations, or be squashed into the back of someones van with lots of skateboards. We will have a meeting on the Saturday to decide the spots people want to visit, then arrange transport. Volunteer Drivers are welcome and appreciated!

How to get there
The Slide Quest takes place on a small hill within the grounds of Shiner Ltd the nearest train station is Lawerence hill. There are toilets onsite.

Skateboard Videos

Tons of skateboarding videos! Get the latest skating action on your computer! Skateboard clips for free!

König der Berge Cup.  Foto: Gravity Sports Austria

Downhill vs. Miniramp

Gravity Sports Austria is calling for a great challenge. The one who can shine on the downhill track as well as on the mini-ramp will be crowned the King of Lohnsburg.

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