All roads lead to Rome - Skateboard World Cup 2012

They say all roads lead to Rome, but in my case it seemed like luck didnít want me to see this amazing contest. Good thing I donít give up so easy! Skateboard World Cup 2012 in Rome was just amazing and the interview with californian boy Tyler Hendley aswell.

Text: David van Gessel

 I had a long journey behind me when I arrived at the beach area of this historic city. 
I can’t picture a better place to hold a Skateboard World Cup, there was not a cloud in the sky above the great contest area featuring the best skaters in the world today. 
After the street finals of the Skateboard World Cup in Rome 2012 I caught up with a friend of Funsporting and all around great guy Tyler Hendley from California, and  he was nice enough to answer some questions.
Tyler Hendley in Interview @ Skateboard World Cup in Rome 2012
 D: How have you been Tyler?
T: Things are going good man, just bought a ticket to Europe and I have no plans what so ever, just going for it! Going to Brazil as well, it’s been crazy traveling for 2 months and only spending 6 hours at home.
D: And how has been Rome been treating you so far?
T: It’s been sick man, but I hit my head in the jam session which kinda sucked, but still I’m loving it here!
D: So do you think of yourself as more of  a contest skater or a video skater?
T: I enjoy filming with Dogtown, let’s say I prefer filming more but these contests pay the bills, I gotta work for my money!
 D: Fair enough, so next to Skating do you also snowboard/surf?
T: Well skateboarding is my number one, but when it’s hot I surf a lot and when it cools down I skateboard. I don’t snowboard that often anymore. Just anything I can do to have some time for myself.
D: Alright so just an off-topic question if I was a genie and could grant you one wish, what would it be?
T: Ha ha! Sh*t man, I guess I would want to be in a high speed car chase after a bank heist or something but with no police so you easily get away with it.
D: Ha ha! I would have gone with money, but okay fair enough. So I saw Tom Schaars, this young kid, doing a 1080 not so long ago. What did you think of that?
T: I don’t know man, there are kids in the streets the same age doing way more gnarlyer stuff, it’s like they have no fear of anything.
D: So what’s your goal in life as a pro skater?
T: A house with a beautiful wife near the beach. I guess I have been traveling since I was 14 - I have been living with no regrets what so ever.
D: We are on the same page there man. So anything on your chest you wanna share as a last question?
T: Well I have just been filming my ass off with Dogtown with guys like Tosh Towned, and Andrew Pott from Inglewood and Milton Martinez from Argentina - he is gonna blow people’s minds!
 After the Interview I enjoyed the Vert Finals of Skateboard World Cup Rome, which features absolute legendary riders like Andy Macdonald. The level of riding was insanely high.
Big backside airs, tech tricks and tweaks in front of a big crowd.It was definitely a great atmosphere, everyone was having a good time and after the contest hung around and had beers and shared their stories until late into the night. All around it was a great experience and I’m looking forward to next year’s event.
Take a look at our huge gallery of the Skateboard World Cup in Rome 2012!
Results Skateboard World Cup Rome 2012: 
Mens street:
1 Kelvin Hoefler 3,000.00
2 Diego Fiorese 2,000.00
3 Maxim Habanec 1,300.00
4 Tomas Stejskal 900.00
5 Tomas Vintr 800.00
6 Sandro Moral 600.00
7 Leonardo Spanghero 500.00
8 Danny Leon 400.00
9 Patrik Mazzuchini 200.00
10 JP Oliveira 200.00
11 Braulio Sagas 100.00
12 Tyler Hendley 100.00
13 Christian Estrada 100.00
14 Lukas Danek 100.00
15 Andrea Casasanta 100.00
Mens Vert
1 Andy Macdonald 2,900.00
2 Marcelo Bastos 1,900.00
3 Jonathan Schwan 1,100.00
4 Sam Beckett 900.00
5 Giorgio Zattoni 600.00
6 Juergen Horrwarth 500.00
7 Alex Sorgente 400.00
8 Renton Millar 300.00
9 Sam Bosworth 200.00
10 Nolan  Munroe 200.00
Ladies Street
1 Leticia Bufoni 1,000.00
2 Julia Brueckler 600.00
3 Evelien Bouilliart 400.00
4 Anita Arvelo Almonte 300.00
5 Bia Sondre 200.00
Mens Bowl
1 Sandro Moral 750.00
2 Dannie Carlsen 500.00
3 Danny Leon 400.00
4 Kelvin Hoefler 350.00
5 Alex Sorgente 300.00
6 Braulio Sagas 200.00
7 Marcos Gabriel 150.00
8 Lucas Rojas 150.00
9 Jonathan Schwan 100.00
10 Ivan Federico 100.00
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