Red Bull Access All Areas: Skating and stripping

Its said that everything fun is either dangerous, immoral or banned. Red Bull Access All Areas connects all three of these ingredients in a particularly balanced way recently in a prison and a strip club.

Philip Schuster beim Access All Areas in Loeben Foto: Oliver Kunzemann, red bull photofilesThere are places where skating isn’t really well received. There are places where skating isn’t allowed. And there are places where skating is so banned that noone would even think of turning up there with a board. The last of these three is the preferred location of Red Bull Access All Areas, an international skateboarding event series that, in the past, has converted a freeway, a university lecture hall and various industrial plants into part-time skate parks.

Dreaming of overcoming tricky obstacles may often be an occupation of the inhabitants of Leoben Prison. Yet jumping walls and fences with a minimum amount of sensation possible, wasn’t the goal of Red Bull Access All Areas. Event participants used the Austrian jail for a skating session, displaying the cheering residential community their best tricks. Among the skaters was European champion Philipp Schuster, who was really happy about the unique experience: “To climb up a prison fence without being punished, that’s really wicked,” Philipp said. And it wasn’t just the unusual location that made it fun for skaters, but also the skater-friendly architecture. Curved forms with numerous tiny walls made the site an ideal course – as long as you didn’t suffer from claustrophobia.

Milton Martinez beim Access All Areas in Caracas Foto: Argenis Bellizzio, red bull photofilesAn every day meeting place for fellow citizens less picky about high moral directives – that's what also fits the location where yet another Red Bull Access All Areas event recently took place. The difference? The regulars here definitely stay by choice. That Saxo, a leading strip club in Caracas, offered up excellent conditions for skating didn’t occur to any of them – perhaps due to the constant on-stage distraction ... But it did occur to the nine local skaters on the other hand who used the club’s interior fittings to the max: they tricked on the dance floor, grinded over the bar and jumped from the stage. In any case, Latin X Games second-place winner Milton Martínez felt worryingly at ease there for his 16 years: “We had so much fun, and the people from the club were really friendly to us.”


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