Downhill vs. Miniramp

Gravity Sports Austria is calling for a great challenge. The one who can shine on the downhill track as well as on the mini-ramp will be crowned the King of Lohnsburg.

König der Berge Cup  Foto: Gravity Sports AustriaThe Austrian Gravity Sports Racers will compete with riders from Germany, Italy and Switzerland at the first stop of the “Koenig der Berge” (king of the hills) Cup Series.

Also sanctioned as IGSA Regional!On Saturday the riders get to know the track at the practice sessions followed by the qualifing to sort out the starting order.

In the afternoon the skaters will show there skills at the Miniramp-Contest, which will lead in a laid-back evening with films shown in the nearby restaurant.

After a short practice the race will start on Sunday morning to krown the best racers and especially the best allround Skateboard to the King of the Challenge!

On May 21. we give skaters, snowboarders and everyone who is interested in our sports, the chance to try it on the closed course with test equipment of the GSA.

About the Cup Series

In 2008 Gravity Sports Austria started a Cup Series for all austrian Downhill Skateboarder, ClassicLuger, Streetluger, Gravitybiker and Dirtsurfers named “Koenig der Berge Cup” (King of the Hills).

There aim is to put on one race per month from May till October in Austria and nearby  border regions.

At the end of the race season will be a big party and pricegiving with lots of stuff from companies around the skatebuissness.

The highspeeds of our courses are around 50 – 60kph, so beginners can also join the racing!
And with our skilled team we can provide a safe race.

With the huge interest of non austrian racers for the Cup Series, Gravity Sports Austria decided to open the Cup Series to all nationalities. For this reason there will be two evaluations: austrian racers only and an open class!
Plus Worldranking Points! - 3x Regionalcup, 1x Nationalcup

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