A worldwide Game of S.K.A.T.E

Everyone who can get hold of a skateboard should play a round of S.K.A.T.E with the biggest and best Kings of Skateboarding. It is an online S.K.A.T.E event everybody can enter.

King of Skate Poster.  Copyright: www.king-of-skat.comRedo a trick of Alex Mizurov & friends every week and upload it as a video. Weekly prizes for the best redone trick - judged by an active voting. 2.500 EUR cash + an exclusive interview in the german Titus Magalog for the King of S.K.A.T.E!

How it works:

A new trick is presented by a top skater every Monday and should be redone by you.
You have seven days to redo, film, and upload the trick on www.king-of-skate.com. An upload countdown on www.king-of-skate.com will announce the time left.

All tricks must be done on flat ground!
Redoing the trick of the week successfully will lift you to the next round.
As soon as you don't upload the trick within seven days or the trick is not clearly visible or not landed properly (hand or foot touches the ground, no clean rolling away), you will receive a capital letter (S, K, A, T, E).
If that happens to you five times and you complete the word S.K.A.T.E, you will be dropped out of the competition.
To become the only King of S.K.A.T.E, you have to be better than all other competitors and be the last competitor left.
If there is no winner determined after 20 regular rounds, we will induce an official final.
You are welcome to enter the competition until the fifth week, but you will get a letter for every so far completed trick of a week. So if you are late and you enter the battle in the third week, there will already be two completed tricks. Therefore you receive the letters S and K, but you still have the chance to become the King of S.K.A.T.E and win 2.500,- EUR cash + global coverage with all our media partners worldwide.
The weekly given prize is yours, if you get the highest rating for your perfectly redone trick. The upload closure always is on Sunday evening. Furthermore you will be mentioned as winner of the week in all our media partner's news.
The landed tricks can be rated without exception by all registered BESTTRICK-users. It doesn't matter whether they are entering the competition or not.
The voting for the tricks ends up with the upload-closure every Sunday evening. To increase your chance of many votes and a high rating, you should upload your trick as soon as possible every week.
To take part in the competition you need an own BESTTRICK-Account.
All uploaded tricks must be done by you personally.
Already uploaded tricks at BESTTRICK.COM will not be accepted. Please don't fool anyone and redo your tricks as best as you can.
The decision if a trick is landed or not is exclusively made by our unbiased judges. Their judgment is correct and final.
If you are violating these rules you will be disqualified.
There is no legal recourse.

Carlos de Andrade.  Copyright: Organiser

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