Interview with Ryan Sheckler

Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler talked with us about the new skateboard season, his friend Travis Pastrana and why he’s giving his dream car away. Read the entire interview!

Ran Sheckler bei den Sommer X Games 2007 in Los Angeles.  Foto: Christian PondellaIn your MTV reality show ‘Life of Ryan’ you don’t only experience action (where recently in Salzburg you shot loopings in an aerobatic helicopter and a B-25 with the Flying Bulls). You also reveal a lot about your private life. How does it feel when total strangers discuss your love-life or your parents’ divorce?

Even though it’s somehow crazy, I don’t have a problem with it. It was my decision to do this program, and I’m also willing to stand by it.

Which famous people do you like to hear gossip about?

About the Spears family. Jamie Lynn pregnant; Britney a wreck. It’s just insane.

So you don’t only read Rolling Stone and skater magazines, as is often said?

No, I read everything I get my hands on. But, sure, I prefer to read the skate mags.

Also to keep up with the latest trends?

No, but to know what tricks the others are currently doing.

What tricks are you working on yourself right now?

The next big thing for me is backflips. There’s still huge potential in those.

When doing that, do you let yourself be inspired by freestyle motocross – one of your hobbies?

For sure! I love this sport. Mostly due to Travis Pastrana, who’s become a great friend.

What do you think about Travis’ decision to change from FMX to rallying?

I think it’s the smartest thing he’s ever done. He’s achieved everything, and realized that it got too risky for him. That’s what I admire him for.

You on the other hand have made your first move into the film business. Could you tell us about ‘Street Dreams,’ your skater movie, which is coming out pretty soon?

Ryan Sheckler Porträt in Südkalifornien.  Foto: Lance DawesIt’s about a young rookie skater who dreams of the big break – but until that happens, he has to overcome a lot of difficulties.

The ‘8 Mile’ of skating?

Yeah, something like that. Like with Eminem, my film is fictional in a lot of places, but then in others it gets damn close to reality.

Do you mind that many people see you as only a kind of pop star because of projects like this – and not as a world-class athlete who achieved fame thanks to hard work?

I don’t think that’s how it is. People who like me don’t forget where I’m from.

You suffer from ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. How does that fit in with your enormous self-discipline and the focused training that you’re so swell known for?

Fotoshooting mit Ryan Sheckler in Südkalifornien.  Foto: Lance DawesI don’t know, either. Whenever I’m on the skateboard, I have fun and can practice the same tricks for hours. It’s only when I sit still and have to listen that I get fidgety and can’t concentrate.

What are your professional goals for the season – the X Games and the AST Dew Tour?

That – and moving into my new house …

… where in the garage you’re going to miss your dearly loved black Range Rover with the red hub caps. You’ve not only invested a lot of money in that car but also your lifeblood. How did that happen?

I’m going to auction it to CCRF, the charity for kids with cancer. The one who bids the highest will get it. That’s my way of saying thank you for the fortune I’ve had – also because, among my fans are many kids who suffer from serious illnesses. Sure, I love the car, but in reality it’s only a heap of metal, nothing that really counts.


Favorit Ryan Sheckler.  Foto: Justin Kosman, Red Bull

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