Berlin Freestyle Talent Kai Dunkel Interviewed

Kai recently won the Dutch and German Championship AM Division and has got big plans for the rest of the season. He is heading out to the States and Canada tomorrow to skate and to kick some ass. We managed to catch him for some questions before his take off.

Kai Dunkel Freestyle Skater.  Foto: thevlab.comIntroduce yourself for a second!
Hello! My name is Kai Dunkel. I’m a 20-year-old skateboarder from Berlin and I’m addicted to Freestyle Skateboarding.

What do you do if you aren’t on your board?
I travel, spend time with my friends, go to parties. I’m just having a good time.

Please tell us about the beginning of your skateboarding days.
I started first with regular skateboarding and then quit for a while. One day I was sitting in a park, playing the guitar with some friends and that’s where I saw a freestyle skateboarder the first time in my life. From that moment on I knew that that’s what I want to do, because you don’t need ramps whatsoever. It’s just you and your skateboard.

What do your parents say about your skateboarding activities?
At first they didn’t like it. Now they support me.

Kai Dunkel Freestyle Skater.  Foto: thevlab.comHave you got a hero? If so who and why?
I don’t have a hero. Just some role models. like Rodney Mullen, Don Brown, Pierre André, Per Linda...

What marks for you an extraordinary skateboarder?
When you stop skateboarding for a minute because he is blowing your mind and you just wanna watch him skate.

What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?
I wanna improve my skateboarding skills to the highest level and start at the pro-devision. Also I wanna join every international contest.

Kai Dunkel Freestyle Skater.  Foto: thevlab.comWhere do you see skateboarding in 10 years time?
It’s gonna take over the world!

How do you prepare for competitions? Have you got a lucky calm or some sort of support?
Hours and hours of skateboarding, doing the routine over and over again. I never had a lucky charm but I have a lot of people supporting me what I really appreciate.

What has been your biggest success and your worst misfortune in your skateboarding career?
My biggest success was winning the german and dutch freestyle open at the amateur-devision. 2008 was horrible because I couldn’t skate and enter competitions for many reasons.

Kai Dunkel Freestyle Skater.  Foto: thevlab.comHave you got a sponsor, if so who and for what?
I skate for Never Enough Skateboards who are supporting me with skateboard gear. Also I skate for Dwarf 8 awesome natural energy drink which gives me all the energy I need and I skate for Suminar clothing.

And what equipment do you ride?
I ride a Never Enough skateboard, Gullwing trucks, OJ freestyle wheels and Skf bearings.

Which was the best skateboard event you’ve ever been to and why?
World Cup of Freestyle Skateboarding in 2009 because the crowd was the best crowd ever!

What is pure luxury for you?
That question is tough. I’ve been thinking about it a lot but still have no idea. I’ll tell you when I found out.

Kai Dunkel Freestyle Skater.  Foto: thevlab.comWhat is your dream vacation destination? Or a recommendation of where it was great?
Venice Beach, California!

The last book, film or album that amazed you?
The last album that really amazed me was Alive by Daft Punk. The last movies I watched where Contact High and Brüno. They were great! I laughed my head off.

Three things that you can’t live without, which you always take with you?
1. music
2. obviosly my skateboard 
3. my heart

Anything else you would like to say? 
I’d love to thank my sponsors who are supporting me so well and my family and Debbie Minges!

Good luck with the contest and enjoy your trip!

You can find more cool pictures of Kai in our gallery here.

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