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Slide skaters in London put together a rad jam last weekend. Soft wheels, hard wheels, everything went down the legendary hill in Greenwich Park.

Gav McKenzie. Foto: Mitch&PaulGrey clouds greeted us on Sunday morning as we dragged ourselves out of bed to get to the Greenwich slide jam. A few hurried texts to confirm last minute details, then we grabbed beer, picnics and skateboards and headed out to the train station. People seemed to be feeling the cold and a few guys bailed out complaining of too much partying the night before, horrible colds and other useless excuses. The hardcore jumped on the train and spent the 2 hours to Greenwich park twitching and itching to SKATE!

The Canterballs crew rolled into Greenwich park and found a delightful hill, smooth, steep and quiet with the guys from London Longboards and Thanet Dogtown waiting at the top! The South East UK crews had at last united under the common flag of DOWNHILL FREESTYLE. The stoke in the air was so much that the clouds parted and the sun shined down upon us for the whole day! Helmets and pads were donned and we set about shocking the hell out of the people walking their dogs and taking the kids for a day out at the park.

Steve Masters.  Foto: Paul&MitchLondon Longboards definately showed this was their local hill with complete confidence, ripping the road apart from the first push in! Steve and Jamie were laying out devastating pressure spins (Steve: 1800, holy crap!) looking like they were utterly out of control at 30mph then suddenly coming out of it clean as Mr Sheen.

Putting in a solid appearance for the freeride soft wheels crew was Alex who had some of the nicest soft wheel 180s I've seen in ages, really long and drawn out. He was so flat in Coleman slides that his elbow and back were touching the ground!

Equipment destroyer of the day has to go to Pete from Thanet Dogtown who utterly utterly flatspotted his wheel. Almost through to the bearing! He sounded like a helicopter coming down the hill and you could see his board vibrating from the screwed wheel!

Best trick goes to Steve and Jamie with Steve managing to jump right over Jamie whilst he was mid-900 pressure spin. Speed and danger!

Aaron Smith.  Foto: Mitch&Paul Mini Kingsnorth gets best slam, I don't think I've ever seen such a torn up thigh. He was pushing himself seriously hard all day, taking BRUTAL falls and just bouncing right back up for another go.

Round about 20 skaters turned up for the Jam with a good showing of freeborders as well. unknown amounts of people stood to gawp and be amazed at the daredevilry and carnage on the hill with many a child being led away shouting "Mummy, I want one of those skateboards!" A beautiful day in the sunshine with friends, skateboarding and picnics all round.

Shouts out and thanks for organising go out to: Jamie, Gav, London Longboards, Canterballs Longboarding, Thanet Dogtown,, everyone who turned up, skated, slammed, the weather for being epic, the cops for not shutting us down, Mitch Keene and Paul for their photography skills and Cliff Coleman for inventing the downhill slide!

Rob Loriface.  Copyright: ASA Entertainment

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