Art And Skateboarding: Renowned Artist Dave Kinsey

The worlds of sport and art have harmoniously combined once again. The Arbor Collective has brilliantly adopted the works of Dave Kinsey for their new skateboard decks.

Dave Kinsey Artwork.  Photo: Dave Kinsey Inhumanate IIThe Arbor Collective has proudly announced the new Bamboo Hybrid skateboard, featuring the artwork of renowned artist, Dave Kinsey.

Kinsey's blend of urban landscape and the human condition is the perfect face for one of Arbor’s best selling decks.

“Dave Kinsey's work has become such a visual fixture in the surf, skate, and snow community,” says Joel Woodman, Arbor’s art director. “Few artists have had his level of influence on this particular subculture.”

Dave Kinsey has received national and international acclaim as a fine artist and designer. He has been featured in publications including The New York Times, The Washtington Post, The London Times, Blackbook, BLK/MRKT Two and Juztapose.

The Los Angeles resident, draws from the current cultural climate to examine the intersection between the urban landscape and the human condition.

Kinsey’s work captures the universal essence of the humanity through an energetic portrayal of urban figures. He works spontaneously utilizing a range of mediums constructing multilayered and textured environments easily likened to the complexities of contemporary life.

The Bamboo Hybrid is Arbor’s multi-dimensional long skateboard that was designed with a wide mid-section, concave profile and rounded kick tail/nose to deliver longboard stability and real flat-ground/park performance.

The Arbor collective's goal is to create a higher level of function and relevance in the most responsible way possible. The end result must be improved style and performance, with significantly reduced impact on the environment.

“We all need clean air to skate, clean water to surf, and snow to ride…”

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