Interview with French Legend Diago Anderson

The lover of dirt has had a big influence on the mountainboard scene in his home country and abroad. In the Funsporting interview he talks about his commitment to the sport and the opening of his new mountainboard centre in the Pyrenees.

Diego Anderson, BS Air.  Introduce yourself for a second!
I’m Diego Anderson, all terrain rider. I’ve been skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, longskating, streetlugin and whatever I can ride, but I had the most of fun in my life with mountainboarding. That’s why I’ve been involved in the sport for ten years, and I’m president of the French mountainboard association and member of the board of the International association. By the way, I’m still riding, and am the current Overall French Champion for the 4th time, and had a few good places at the World Champs in the past years.

What do you do if you aren’t on your board?
I take care of my wife and three-year-old son, having a lot of fun all together. I own MORE mountainboard, the online mountainboard shop, and open my mountainboard center in the Pyrenees in July, it takes most of my time now.

Please tell us about the beginning of your mountainboard days.
I discovered what a mountainboard was in 1999, and since then, I’ve been thinking about it every single day of my life. It changes the way to look at the landscape. You can ride everywhere, anytime; every grassy hill looks like a field of powder, and you can’t stop thinking about new tricks to do, there are so many spots…
As a lover of “going sideways”, I couldn’t expect something better, it’s definitely the ultimate riding for me.

Diego Anderson, Indy What do your parents say to your mountainboard activities?
My mother bought me a skateboard when I was six. Since then, she got used to my activities.

Do you have a hero? If so who and why?
No hero. But I admire people who are living their dreams.

What marks for you an extraordinary mountainboarder?
An extraordinary mountainboarder? Someone who can ride and have fun with other riders, pushing the limits of the sport, and keep this cool and relaxed attitude to have fun at the after-ride party. It’s part of the sport at the moment, all top riders are like that, I hope we’ll keep this spirit in the future…

Diego Anderson, Sunset.  What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?
Having fun on the few comps I will enter this year, develop a solid group of core riders around my mountainboard center, and keep on taking part in the development of the sport will be my main goals this year.

Where do you see mountainboarding in 10 years time?
I think that it will be an established sport, with many mountainboard centers everywhere in the world, and good recognition by the public. I saw the sport evolve within the years, and we’re now at a period where the sport is getting more credit, by the passion of many riders around the world, who are pushing the sport in the same direction. We’re still at the beginning of the sport, it takes time to create communities, parks, advertising and so on.

How do you prepare for competitions? Have you got a lucky calm? Spring of inspiration, or some sort of support?                                                                                                                                        No, I just take my motivation from challenging myself. I’m just happy to have a good ride…

Diego Anderson, Freeride.  Foto: CNDWhat has been your biggest success & your worst misfortune in your mountainboard career?
My biggest success is probably the French mountainboard Association. With the help of Mikael Gramont and his website we managed to help the community to grow. And it’s working quite well at the moment, with a French championships that has five rounds all around the country, and more and more centers, the sport is gently growing.

Biggest misfortune so far? Don’t know, not so big if I don’t remember it…

Who are you sponsors?
MBS Europe, MORE Mountainboard.

What equipment do you ride and why?
MBS Pro 100, best board so far, light and strong

Diego Anderson, Woods.  Which was the best event you’ve ever been to and why?
Every mountainboard event has its own spirit and I don’t remind any bad event I’ve been to. It’s always fun to meet some people who share the same passion, even when you don’t understand a single word of what the others are saying. I had some great parties in Germany and Poland (laugh) Going on a mountainboard event is the chance to meet some cool people and have fun to ride, whatever your skills are. It’s motivating as well, and I really encourage anyone who has chance to enter a competition and have fun.

What is pure luxury for you?
A bungalow at the bottom of a big perfect dirtpark.

What is your dream vacation destination? Or a recommendation of where it was great.
So many good spots, the last trip is always the best one. I was in Spain recently, Barcelona is a fantastic city, and there are some really good freerides around the mountainboard center, 40kms north of the city.

Diego Anderson, LeaLoge The last book, film or album that amazed you?
So many albums, I listened to a lot of good artists in the pasts months : Devo, the Dodos, Matisyahu, Hocus Pocus, BIGA Ranx.

Three things that you can’t life without, which you always take with you?
Friends, family, and my mountainboard of course.

Anything else you like to say?
Thanks Funsporting!

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