The Multi Tasking Mountainboarder Rhys Crilley Introduced

As one of the founders of the BFC, (mountainboards premier film crew) and talented mountainboarder himself Rhys talks to us about his great media achievements and his love for the sport.

Rhys Crilley Portrait Shot.  Copyright: Rhys CrilleyIntroduce yourself for a second!
Yoooo, I'm Rhys, I’m 20 years old and living in Birmingham, UK.

What do you do if you aren’t on your board?
I study international relations at university, jam with friends, snowboard and sort stuff out for the BFC (the UK’s premier mountainboard media crew!)

Please tell us about the beginning of your mountainboard days.
I saw mountainboarding at a festival in 2001, got a board 2 years later and haven’t looked back since!

What do your parents say to your mountainboard activities?
They love it! I’m lucky to have the most supportive parents ever, who love the scene as much as I do. My dad takes pictures for his website at every event.

Have you got a hero? If so, who and why?
Anyone who’s out there having loads of fun doing what they love.

What marks for you an extraordinary mountainboarder?
Style and originality.

Rhys Crilley, Handplant.  Paul Crilley for Crillpix.comWhat are your personal goals for the upcoming season?
Just to have fun shredding around Europe. Hopefully I’ll learn some new tricks, catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones, yeahhhhh! We’ve also got the first ever Cream Teas and Jam series coming up this summer, which is going to be awesome fun!

Where do you see mountainboarding in 10 years time?
Hopefully it's just going to grow healthily, with better boards and more sick riders being able to make a living out of it.

How do you prepare for competitions? Have you got a lucky calm? Spring of inspiration, or some sort of other support?
I’m normally real nervous before a comp and I just try to get focused by listening to some music or just joking with friends. It always helps to have a little warm up ride before a comp to remind yourself that its not about competing but just about riding and having fun!

What has been your biggest success & your worst misfortune in your mountainboard career?
Biggest success has to be the BFC, its grown from a group of us having a laugh to a proper media crew, which now produces the biggest mountainboard DVDs in the world and is taken seriously by the industry! Anytime I learn a new trick is a good time, and all the bad misfortunes have been forgotten and replaced by all the good memories.

 Rhys Crilley, Crail Grab.   Copyright: Tom Beaton for MBS EuropeWho are you sponsors?
MBS Europe, the BFC,

What equipment do you ride and why?
MBS, as the boards are just perfect for every kind of riding from alpine tracks and boardercross tracks to 30ft dirt jumps and rails!

Which was the best event you’ve ever been to and why?
Every event is a fun event as long as there’s good company. Last years Belgian open was awesome fun, relaxed and mellow. The World Freestyle Champs would have been soooooo sick if it hadn’t have rained, but it was still good fun. Last years Cream Teas and Jam was great and I think everyone left with a smile on their face hopefully this year's series will be even better!

Rhys Crilley, Front 5.  Copyright: Sarah ShieldsWhat is pure luxury for you?
The caravan I lived in last summer at Bugs Boarding or the “ski jacket bed” in the Knockhill cabin!

What is your dream vacation destination? Or a recommendation of where it was great.
I’d love to go out to Japan, New Zealand and Australia to shred around! The US looks like it’d be pretty good fun but I'd recommend anyone to go out and check the park in Winterberg, Germany, its awesome!

The last book, film or album that amazed you?
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, the funniest, smartest and wittiest book I’ve ever read.

Three things that you can’t life without, which you always take with you?
Friends, mountainboard and music.

Anything else you like to say?
Stay safe, have fun, do what you love and think outside the box!


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