Introducing Distinguished British Mountainboarder Tom Kirkman

Probably one of the most famous mountainboarders in Europe, if not in the World, Tom Kirkman speaks to Funsporting about the beginning of his mountainboarding career, the best mountainboard events and his aim for the upcoming season.

Tom Kirkman.  Copyright: Craig HelenIntroduce yourself for a second!
Tom Kirkman, 21 years old, I love to mountainboard, surf, skate, snowboard... pretty much anything that involves going sideways. 

What do you do if you aren’t on your board?
Make music with my friends a lot of the time. I also do a lot of editing, maybe building a tree house or eat something, probably eating.

Please tell us about the beginning of your mountainboard days.
I left school at 13 to run a skateboard shop in a building that my family owned. About a year after we opened we started stocking mountainboards, and that was it for me. I spent every bit spare time messing about on a board with my mates, they were some of the best years of my life.

What do your parents say to your mountainboard activities?
Im lucky to have the soundest parents you could think of. They have always let me run wild an do what I like, my mother hates to see me stack, but that’s natural. They have supported me all the way, big up Nellie and Barry

Tom Kirkman.  Copyright: Craig HelenHave you got a hero? If so who and why?
Not really, anyone who is themselves and doesn’t try to be anything their not because they think it will make them cool.  There is a chap called Andy MacKee who plays the guitar like some sort of demon, he’s pretty good

What marks for you an extraordinary mountainboarder?
Nothing really, I just believe in myself and have fun. That’s the main thing I think, if you're enjoying it you’ll progress.

What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?
To have fun and learn a few new things along the way. I want to do a bit more teaching too.

Where do you see mountainboarding in 10 years time?
I really hope to see it up there with the big boys like skating and snowboarding, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t.

Tom Kirkman.  Copyright: Craig HelenHow do you prepare for competitions? Have you got a lucky calm or some sort of other support?
Unfortunately not. I might have to get myself one now. No, I just ride and try not to think about it to much, its just having a session with your mates, but you get told when it’s your go.

What has been your biggest success & your worst misfortune in your mountainboard career?
I have been World Freestyle Champ, World Series Champ, World Downhill Champ, UK Elite Champ and so on. But my biggest success has been the fun I’ve had along the way and the great mates I’ve made. Two years ago I got broke off real bad which sucked, watching all my mates ride and skate but I’m all fine now.

Who are you sponsors?
MBS Mountainboards and ATC Clothing, if there’s anyone else out there that wants to sponsor me, feel free!

What equipment do you ride and why?
I ride an MBS board because they are the best and everyone knows it, any shoes that fit nice under the bindings and MBS pads, and an ATC t-shirt.

Which was the best event you’ve ever been to and why?
There is too many to choose from, I loved the first worlds because I was young and all the Americans were there ripping it, but there have been so many good events. Actually, all the events that I did with Sir Alex Downie, the daddy…

Tom Kirkman.  Copyright: Craig HelenWhat is pure luxury for you?
A beautiful sunny day at my park with all my mates and no pressure. Then a bonfire and some guitars in the evening.

What is your dream vacation destination? Or a recommendation of where it was great.
I like places where you get to see the real place, not like some Spanish resort full of English people and McDonals. There’s a place called Fes in Morocco, the old city is amazing everyone should see that place once in there life.

Tom Kirkman.  Foto: Paul TaylorThe last book, film or album that amazed you?
Don someone, I can’t remember his second name. The ways of knowledge is a pretty cool book I just finished a book last night called Kings Kung Fu, that was class.

Three things that you can’t life without, which you always take with you?
My legs, my friends and a toothbrush.

Anything else you like to say?

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