Interview with Swiss Mountainboarder Marco Dähler

The Swiss mountainboarder talks about how he fell in love with mountainboarding, where he sees his sport in teen year’s time and about his best events as well as his biggest misfortunes.

Marco Dähler.  Foto: Kuno MockIntroduce yourself for a second!
My name is Marco Dähler and I live in Appenzell, Switzerland.

What do you do if you aren’t on your board?
I am currently studying automotive engineering, in the fourth semester at the University in Biel.

Please tell us about the beginning of your mountainboard days.
Five years ago, I had to end my snowboarding season early due to a broken shoulder. I nearly didn’t make the summer until I discovered a mountainboard in a shop. I am in love since.

What do your parents say to your mountainboard activities?
They have always been easy since the very beginning. They always let me do what I want anyway and as I am doing it successfully they are obviously happy about it.

Marco Dähler.  Foto: Ales Boswell Have you got a hero? If so who and why?
Erm, the only one who comes to my mind is Charlie Harper form 'Two and a half men'. He is a legend! 

What marks for you an extraordinary mountainboarder?
Those who constantly push the boundaries. This might be in form of a new trick or an extraordinary smooth style.

What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?
The main goal is to travel again to as many comps and shows as possible. Apart form that, I finally, after several goes last year, want to stick the double backflip. And at the World Downhill Championships I want to get rid of the fourth position, which I am now holding for several years and I want to move up to the podium.

Where do you see mountainboarding in 10 years time?
The mountainboard has established itself around the globe over the first 15 years of its existence. Now in another 10 years I see us there were snowboarding is today. The winters are not getting better and many, who don’t know mountainboarding yet will get hooked.

Marco Dähler beim White Air Copyright: do you prepare for competitions? Have you got a lucky calm? Spring of inspiration, or some sort of other support?
It would be best to throw a big party the night before and then, on the next morning, persuade the organizers that it would be better to start two hours later as planned. (Laugh) No, in a serious note I haven’t got any spiritual rituals before comps, I feel best once I have ridden lots. Therefore I am usually top fit towards the end of the season. 

What have been your biggest success & your worst misfortune in your mountainboard career?
My biggest success was winning the White Air Extreme Sport Festival 2007. It was one of the last comps of the season 2007 and part of the MBS Eurocup. 

I had the worst experience in Cypress; it was the first comp of 2007. I just got back from Hawaii and not been on a mountainboard for months. Also, I had a brand new deck, which was not accustomed to my riding yet. That led to two unsuccessful starts and on the third one I jumped off totally uncontrolled and smacked into the landing ramp. I wrote that one off. 

Who are you sponsors?
I get support from Alpstein Events AG, MBS Europe, Dakine und GoFastSports

Marco Dähler.  Foto: Tobias Koster What equipment do you ride and why?

I ride MBS boards. My first deck was an MBS and after I was taken on as a MBS team rider three years ago, everything else was out of questions. MBS is so far the best established brand on the market and has a wide range of boards and accessories.

Which was the best event you’ve ever been to and why?
In fact, I love all events, because you always meet  “the guys” again or you get to know new people. My favourite event has to be the White Air Extreme Sports Festival on the Isle of Wight in South England. The location is stunning, the audience is hot and the organizers are tip top.

Marfo Dähler.  Foto: Paul Taylor What is your dream vacation destination? Or a recommendation of where it was great.
I really want to go to Japan. Two years ago I shared a hire car with a few Japanese guys to drive from London down to the South West of England to compete at the World Freestyle Event. I will never forget this amazing trip. Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten around to visit the boys in Japan yet.

The last book, film or album that amazed you?
'That’s it That’s all' from Travis Rice. I think we all agree on this one?

Three things that you can’t live without, which you always take with you?
Mobile, I-Pod and my international insurance card, you never know when the next hospital trip is waiting.

Anything else you like to say?
Erm… Life is too short to dance with ugly people! Ride On!



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