Kristin Boese Launches World-wide Kite-boarding Clinics

Eight time world kiteboarding champion and sports model Boese reaches out to girls around the world to sharpen their skills and learn some new riding tricks.

Kristin Boese.  Foto: Redseazone.comWorld champion kite-boarding pro Kristin Boese is launching her first world-wide KB4girls kite-boarding tour and looking to etch her indelible mark in this rapidly growing exciting water sport. Kristin has passionately organized and run a total of 16 girls’ clinics around the world in the past seven years neither for profit or promotion and even with her own funding just out of passion.

But the popularity and interest caught fire and now there is a demand to take the clinics to the next level. The German cover girl has brought kitesurfing to the masses by modeling and starring in photo shoots for magazines such as Vogue, Playboy and Max to name just a few.

But don’t be fooled by the slender beauty’s fragile blonde image, she puts her extreme talent in every twist and turn. She’s got drive and energy with creativity and imagination to go with it. No surprise then that this year Kiteboarding magazine named her one of the ten most influential athletes in the sport. Kristin Boese said: “I want to give female kiteboarders of all ages and levels from around the world the opportunity to come together, have fun, learn some new tricks and meet some other girls with the same interest.” The tour is sponsored by Best Kiteboarding, maker of cutting edge equipment and DaKine manufacturers who are stepping in with lycra prints.

“Like most other sports, kite-boarding is pretty male dominated and from my own experience I know how tough and intimidating this can be for female kiteboarders. It can make all the difference if they are in an environment with other females who can encourage them and give them the confidence they need to excel.” Fiona Wedenig, ex-pro kiteboarder from Switzerland: “Having witnessed Kristin coach many female kitesurfers over the years, I am confident to say that she is a great teacher and mentor as well as a tireless ambassador for women in this sport. She has achieved countless improvements in kitesurfing and has inspired and paved the way for many younger women. I competed many years together with Kristin on the World Cup and realised in that time, how important the support from fellow female kitesurfers is. Being able to train with and learn from each other is one of the best experiences ever!”

Initial schedule for the KB4girls Tour:

Augusta, WA Australia 8-10 January 2010

Melbourne, VIC Australia 9-10 February 2010

Kahului, Hawaii, USA April 2010

El Gouna, Egypt May 2010

Cornwall, UK June 2010

Fischland, Germany July 2010

Malmoe, Sweden July 2010

Hood River, Oregon USA TBD

Bay Area, California USA TBD

European Tour Stop TBD

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