Festival of the Wind Canada World Cup 2008: day 3

Today was a no-wind day and mother nature hasnít really been cooperative for the past days but the weather was nice and warm. Scattered clouds dominated the sky in the early morning which turned to high overcast by 2 pm.

The temperature played between 17° to 18° Celsius while the most important factor to the event was nowhere to be found. The west-northwest wind maxed at 8 knots during the early morning and dropped down to a low of 5 knots at 5:00 pm so there really wasn’t any chance that a game could be held.

During the afternoon, it looked promising that there might have been some building wind since there was a local kiteboarder out on a very large Flysurfer foil kite but he just teased everyone on the beach by riding back and forth.

The wind never reached PKRA standards and as a result, event director Erik Troostheide called it a day around 3pm. Meanwhile, we managed to interview Mikael Blomvall who hails from Sweden and one of the Tour’s regular. Mike is 28 years old and has been kiting for 6 years. He is sponsored by Nobile kites, Colona Watersports, Mystique, and Mindbite.

ExtremeElements TV asked him how he faired in the last two days: “In the first day, I didn’t have to do the first round just like most other competitors. In the first heat, I went against Julian Hosp (Austria) under very light winds but I did pretty well. I landed 6 or 7 tricks in the heat and Julian did almost the same but kept his kite higher so I won the heat. The following day, we drove on to the other side of the town and during my heat, I had my 9-meter and then I realize the wind was suddenly dropping down a bit so I had to run to the beach and switch kites.

I was a bit overpowered in the beginning but in the end, the wind had dropped down further so it went well for me and it was good, I landed everything. I was hoping I had a win and I did. Then I went against Kevin [Langeree] in the semis and it was a 3-2 decision but I was quite stoked about it though. Then in the battle for 3rd, I went up against Alvaro [Onieva] and it was a very tight heat again but unfortunately I crashed my last trick and I knew that if I landed that one I would have won the heat. In the end, it was another 3-2 decision so now I’m in fourth place overall.“ After Canada, Blomvall will be going back home to Sweden before finally returning to Brazil for the second to last stop of the PKRA 2008 World Tour event.


Festival of the Wind: highlights of day 2

Itís the second day of the PKRA 2008 World Tour in Canada for the Festival of the Wind with the day starting out very early Ė very early in fact that even Mother Nature wasnít even awake. The result was no wind as forecasted.


Festival of the Wind Canada World Cup 2008: day 1

Just a few days after the successful German stop of the PKRA 2008 World Tour, the guys and gals of the only kiteboarding authority in the world are back in action.


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