Festival of the Wind: final day

The final day of the PKRA 2008 World Tour stop in Canada intertwined with Prince Edward Islandís Festival of the Wind started out cold with overcast skies. There was not enough wind to start the Big Air Best Trick contest so the event ended up having a full day of wind delays until finally at 3:00 pm, the awards ceremony was held to conclude the day and bring the competition to a close.

To pass the day, some of the athletes were on sight to teach some of the spectators how to fly a kite by using training foil kites. There was also a football (soccer) game that the competitors staged for fun to pass the time.

ExtremeElements.TV managed to get an interview from two Tour regulars and got their insight as to how their games went:

Sebastien Garat (RRD, France):

“I won my first heat against Mike [Schitzhofer] during the singles elimination under a not-so-very-good condition because there were only light winds. Then I went against Aaron Hadlow in another spot with good wind but against Aaron it’s always hard to compete. I really did a very good heat but not enough against him. When we started with the doubles elimination I went against Andy Yates and he totally beat me up.”

Michael Schitzhofer (JN Kites, Austria):

“It went pretty okay. My first heat in the singles was against Sebastien [Garat]. The conditions were really bad, the wind was too light to kite so I got kicked out by Seb. It went better for me in the doubles when I went against Madison Van Heurck in the first round and I beat him with a really good heat. In the second round I was against Alex Pastor and we both had really good heats but in the end, it was a 3-2 decision for him. I crashed my kite really bad at the last trick which exploded at the beach so I’m really disappointed about that but still it’s a nice place, it’s okay for me. I’m happy I finished 9th place.” Schitzhofer will be seeing action in Brazil but will miss out the Chilean round.

The Canadian Tour stop is the 3rd to the last Tour stop of the PKRA 2008 World Tour and is the only North American venue of the PKRA.


Festival of the Wind Canada World Cup 2008: day 3

Today was a no-wind day and mother nature hasnít really been cooperative for the past days but the weather was nice and warm. Scattered clouds dominated the sky in the early morning which turned to high overcast by 2 pm.


Festival of the Wind: highlights of day 2

Itís the second day of the PKRA 2008 World Tour in Canada for the Festival of the Wind with the day starting out very early Ė very early in fact that even Mother Nature wasnít even awake. The result was no wind as forecasted.


Festival of the Wind Canada World Cup 2008: day 1

Just a few days after the successful German stop of the PKRA 2008 World Tour, the guys and gals of the only kiteboarding authority in the world are back in action.

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