Day 7: Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter-Ording

The Boardercross competition got underway with a perfect weather wrapping up Day 7 of the Colgate Kitesurf World Cup 2008. This is the 7th Tour stop of the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association 2008 World Tour.

Karolina Winkowska from Poland: Winner of Kitecross.  Copyright: HOCH ZWEI/Michael KunkelThe mandatory riders meeting was held at 10:00 am while the Boardercross event started exactly on time at 11:00 am after all preparations and work time on the water setting up buoys and marks were completed.

The Boardercross event requires the kiters to navigate around a series of buoys and jumps around the course while doing required tricks. The course is generally laid out in a ‘Z’ fashion with all the legs somewhat downwind. If one of the required moves or jumps were not performed, the competitor would drop one place overall in the heat. Because of the wind angle, the competitors managed to do beach starts instead of line starts in the water.

 The competition ladder was set up as the best two would advance and either the other two or three would be eliminated. The first round had 5 competitors and then the subsequent rounds only had 4 competitors. There were a total of 17 heats for the men and 7 heats for the ladies with the first heat requiring a restart because all kites got tangled at the start.

The Boardercross event finished at 1:30 pm and then an hour of lunch break was held. The plan was to run one more round of Boardercross eliminations but was abandoned due to some technical difficulties so a racing event was run instead which finished at 4:45 pm.

The wind for the day topped at 18 knots for the men’s Boardercross heats. Then the rain came in and the wind dropped to 13 knots during the later women’s Boardercross heats but strengthened again between 14 and 15 knots during the afternoon for the race and picked up further more before the start of the race. It took 27 minutes for the first racer to complete the course, again won by Charles Deleau (FRA, North).

Boardercross Results

1. Kevin Langeree (NED, Naish)
2. Sky Solbach (USA, North)
3. Sebastien Garat (FRA, RRD)

1. Karolina Winkowska (POL, Naish)
2. Fabiene D’Ortoli (FRA, Cabrinha)
3. Bruna Kajiya (BRA, Best)

Tomorrow’s skippers meeting is set at 11:00 am with a first possible start of 1130 am. The wind forecast for tomorrow is bleak so it will probably be a quiet day.

Kitesurfer in St. Peter-Ording.  Copyright: HOCH ZWEI, Malte Christians

Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter-Ording Day 8

Wrapping up Day 8 of the Kitesurf World Cup 2008 in St. Peter-Ording, Germany was a particularly quiet day. There was no wind throughout the day as forecasted but the weather was sunny and warm.

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