Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter-Ording 2008 Day 4

Day 4 of the Colgate Kitesurf World Cup 2008 in St. Peter-Ording, Germany capped one of the best days that the competition had so far in this traditionally wet region of the North Sea coast.

Freestyle Aaron Hadlow. Foto: HOCH ZWEI/Michael KunkelThe wind was around 15 – 17 knots in the morning which lasted longer than what was expected but gradually dropped to about 9 to 11 knots in the afternoon during the racing events. The cloud started to set in during noon time and there was a brief rain at 12:00 pm and another wet shower at around 1:00 pm. The temperature averaged at 18° Celsius.

The skippers meeting went right on schedule at 10:00 in the morning, followed by the first freestyle heat of the day half an hour later with a re-run of heat #6 which was abandoned yesterday. From there, the competition went smoothly up to the finals of the men & women’s singles elimination. After a half hour lunch break, the competition switched to course racing and finished one race. The day wrapped up around 4:30 pm.

Course Racing Highlights

Only one race was completed today and was won by no less than Fuerteventura racing champ Charles Deleau (FRA). Sean Farley (MEX) came in second followed by Sami Gali (ESP) and Sebastian Bubmann (GER). As a result of Farley’s win, Ron Reimers (GER) dropped to number four overall while Farley moved a notch up to number three.

Still no change in the overall standings in the women’s event as Gina Esteva (ESP) once again won today’s race followed by Kristin Boese (GER) and Steph Bridge (GBR) in third place.

Course Racing Results (after 5 races)

1. Charles Deleau (FRA, North) – 2.8 pts.
2. Sebastian Bubmann (GER, Flysurfer) – 9.7 pts.
3. Sean Farley (MEX, North) – 14 pts.

1. Gina Esteva (ESP, Best) – 2.8 pts.
2. Kristin Boese (GER, Best) – 6.7 pts.
3. Fabienne D’Ortoli (FRA, Cabrinha) – 10 pts.

Freestyle Highlights

The freestyle event started with a re-run of yesterday’s heat #6 which was abandoned due to light wind conditions. Alex Pastor (ESP, Naish) had a tough heat beating Julian Hosp (AUT) but came up victorious in the end with more variety and powered moves.

Pastor nailed a mobe, regular and switch slim, 313, regular and switch back to blind airpass, blind judge 3, front mobe, double s-bend and kiteloop handle pass. Hosp landed a regular and switch blind judge 3, back to blind air pass, non-inverted slim, mobe and regular and switch front mobe.

Heat #9 also was a very closely fought heat between Mikael Blomvall (SWE, Nobile) and Reno Romeu (BRA, North) until Blomvall had a crash landing and tangled with Alvaro Onieva (ESP, Best) from the other heat. Unfortunately, Blomvall was disqualified for dangerous riding and Romeu would advance to the next round but would eventually be knocked out of the game in heat #13.

Onieva also received a warning for dangerous riding when his opponent in heat #9b had to change course to maneuver around him as he came in hot on a landing. Onieva eventually beat Stefan Permien (GER, North) with more power and a higher technical difficulty level.

Sebastien Garat (FRA, RRD) defeated Tom Court (GBR, North) in heat #10, landing more tricks with greater power while Tom Hebert (New Caledonia, Airush) knocked down Cesar Portas (ESP, North) in another tough round in heat #11a with a 2-1 decision in favour of Hebert, winning with a higher technical difficulty score and lower kite angle riding. Pastor also defeated Rick Jensen (GER, Naish) in tight second round battle of the 11th heat with better execution and more height and power in his moves before loosing to Hebert in the 14th heat.

Aaron Hadlow from Great Britain.   Foto: HOCH ZWEI/Michael KunkelPetr Tyuskevich (RUS, Cabrinha) took out Michael Schitzhofer (AUT, JN Kites) in the 12th heat courtesy of a slim, mobe, front mobe, hasselhoff, s-bend, front mobe to blind and blind judge. The Austrian freestyler stomped a slimchance, blind judge 3, front mobe and 313.

Meanwhile, Aaron Hadlow (GBR, Flexifoil) landing an NIS 7 in this heat against Steve Verelst (BEL, Best) taking an easy win to move in the next round. In contrast, Kevin Langeree (NED, Naish) had a close heat between Garat in the 13th heat.

Langeree landed a blind judge 3, regular and switch KGB, s-bend, 313, non-inverted slim, mobe
5, mobe to wrapped and kiteloop handle pass, winning with better execution and more power against Garat’s blind judge 3, front mobe, regular and switch slim, front side 3, mobe and front to blind.

In the semi-final rounds, Langeree denied Onieva a top podium bid by defeating him in heat #15a with more powered execution and greater overall height in his moves while Hadlow drew a solid heat against Hebert in the heat’s second round with more power, higher technical difficulty and variety. Onieva would then beat Hebert to grab third place in the podium with a regular and switch front mobe, slim, back to blind air pass, blind judge, front mobe to blind ole and mobe.

As expected, the finals was a close 3-2 heat between Hadlow and Langeree with the current world champ landing a front mobe to blind, double s-bend to blind, s-bend to blind with aerial handle pass, blind judge, shifty 3, non-inverted slim and regular and switch mobe, back to blind airpass, slim.

Langeree landed a blind judge 3, 313, s-bend, front mobe, double s-bend, mobe, non-inverted slim, and regular and switch KGB/hasselhoff. Hadlow took the top podium spot with more switch variations and powered moves.

In the women’s events, Julie Simsar (FRA, Liquid Force) took on Jo Wilson (GBR, Naish) in the first heat winning with variation and then defeated Susi Mai (GER, Cabrinha) with higher technical difficulty and more variety in the 5th heat.

Kristin Boese (GER, Best) knocked out Laura Fernandez (ESP, Cabrinha) in the 2nd heat while Karolina Winkowska (POL, Naish) defeated team mate Jalou Langeree (NED, Naish) in the 3rd heat with a blind judge, s-bend to blind, s-bend and raley to wrapped.

In the finals, Winkowska defeated Simsar in a close battle for third with a 3-2 decision, winning via her air pass moves and with a higher technical difficulty level. Bruna Kajiya (BRA, Best) won the single championship title by upsetting world title holder Gisela Pulido (ESP, Slingshot) with a blind judge, s-bend, back to blind airpass, blind judge 3 and front to blind.

Tomorrow’s skippers meeting is set at 10:00 am with a first possible start at 10:30 am. The plan is to start right off with the freestyle doubles elimination and with the strong wind forecast, hopefully do two course races.

First day of the Kitesurf World Cups in St. Peter-Ording.  Copyright: HOCH ZWEI/Michael Kunkel

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