Day two of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour 2009 in Dunkerque

The current stop of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour 2009 takes place in Dunkerque, France. On August 12th, day two of the Dunkerque Kitesurf Pro 2009 the Kite surfers had the weather on their side. The competition goes on until the 16th of August.

Dunkerque Kitesurf Pro Foto: Julien GazeauDay two of the Kiteboard World Tour 2009 in Dukerque started at 9 am with a skippers meeting. The wind that was forecasted on the 12th of August arrived just after lunch. The planned course races were quickly substituted for freestyle, as it was now a good South West blowing an average of 15 knots.
The first heats kicked off around 1pm and saw Peter Tyushkevic face the local Martin Debruyne. Peter started with a cool 313 followed by a smooth slim chance and held strong throughout his heat, leaving his opponent floating in the first round.

Vincent Tiger matched up against Pierre Romain for the heat of the day. Both looking quite good, but I think Vincent’s blind judge 3 took the round from Pierre and he progressed. During the heat Vincent was flying downwind and everyone held their breath thinking he was going to cross over the competition area and into the “arrest” zone that the water police had demarcated. He pulled out last minute thank goodness!

Dunkerque Kitesurf Pro Foto: Julien GazeauThe freestyle heats were stopped, as the wind had dropped off a little and the race director quickly shifted to course racing. The course was set out in a “banana” shape and the riders pumped their bigger kites and prepped their racing boards for the start. Riders had colored and numbered lycras to identify them, they had to also register their kite colors and brands to the beach marshal to prevent any confusion. The course was set out over about six minute laps and two laps were run for the first and only race for the day.

A great day came to an end at the KPWT Dunkerque Kitesurf Pro 2009!

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