Aaron Hadlow and Bruna Kajiya won

It would seem that Aaron Hadlow (GBR) is hell bent on winning the Brazilian title of the second to the last stop of the PKRA 2008 World Tour in Piaui, Brazil.

Kitesurfer.  Copyright: Toby Bromwich The ladies got the chance to start the day’s events. Opening up the action was heat #5 between Jo Wilson (GBR) and teammate Karolina Winkowska (POL). Winkowska dominated the heat with a blind judge, raley to blind, s-bend to blind, slim and raley to wrapped, winning with a higher technical score on handle passes.

Wilson had an awesome heat with a raley to blind, downloop to blind, back to blind, blind judge and a high handle pass but weren’t enough to convince the judges on technical matters. In the same heat, Bruna Kajiya (BRA) defeated Joanna Litwin (POL) in a close heat which would probably count as one of the best heats we’ve seen so far from the women. Kajiya performed with more power plus slight technical advantage to take the win.

As expected, Brazilian champ Bruna Kajiya dominated the 7th heat going into the finals against Winkowska with home ground advantage and got the chance to take home the trophy. Winkowska went on to defeat Peral in the loosers final with more trick variation and a higher technical difficulty score.

The final round of the women’s freestyle was a familiar sight as two of the top PKRA riders battled it out for the women’s single freestyle title and a bigger chunk of the prize money. With the home crowd cheering on her side, Kajiya went move for move, landing a blind judge, s-bend to blind, back to blind air pass, blind judge with aerial handle pass, non-inverted slim, and a 313. Pulido on the other hand, landed a front mobe, blind judge, 313, s-bend to blind, slim, back to blind air pass and mobe. Kajiya won the event with a much more significant execution, power and height advantage although Gisela had the slight advantage on trick variation.

Aaron Hadlow (GBR) had everything under control in the 14th heat and was hell bent in winning the trophy, taking down Cesar Portas (ESP) in the same heat. Portas had one of his best heats this season but there’s just no stopping Hadlow who landed a regular and switch slim/front mobe/back to blind air pass/mobe, front mobe to blind, blind judge to blind, s-bend to blind with aerial handle pass, blind judge with air pass, shifty 3 and hasselhoff. Portas stomped his own regular and switch moves (slim/blind judge with air pass/kgb) plus a front mobe 5, mobe and blind judge 5.

In the semi-final, Langeree ended Teixera’s run in the 15th heat taking the first spot in the finals. Hadlow added Pastor to his “these guys can’t stop me” list with a showcase of kiteboarding firepower. However, Pastor managed to recover his loss to Hadlow taking down Teixera in the battle for third place overall with more switch variation, height and a higher technical difficulty level for a 3-2 win.

The men’s final was also an all too-familiar event between the top two PKRA freestylers but this round is even more exciting as Langeree is keen on winning this year’s title while Hadlow is determined to win his first-ever Brazilian title and defend his world title. A total of 17 moves for each rider summed up the heat. Langeree landed a regular and switch front mobe/kgb, 313, non-inverted slim, double back mobe, kiteloop slim, a huge kiteloop 7, back side air pass, blind judge with aerial handle pass, blind judge 5 and mobe to wrapped. Hadlow’s regular and switch mobe/slim/kgb,hasselhoff, shifty 5, slim to wrapped, s-bend to blind air pass, front mobe to blind, blind judge 5, and a mobe 7 won the heat. Overall, it was a very close heat with several double passes from both riders. Kevin’s moves were packed with a little more power and height but Hadlow had an advantage on the technical difficulty side with the switch variations and extra double pass for a 4-1 decision.



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Festival of the Wind: final day

The final day of the PKRA 2008 World Tour stop in Canada intertwined with Prince Edward Islandís Festival of the Wind started out cold with overcast skies. There was not enough wind to start the Big Air Best Trick contest so the event ended up having a full day of wind delays until finally at 3:00 pm, the awards ceremony was held to conclude the day and bring the competition to a close.

Rob Douglas.  Copyright: Organiser

World Record for Rob Douglas

With a run of 49.84 knots, American kitesurfer Rob Douglas beat the outright World Speed Sailing Record over 500 metres at the speed strip at Luderitz in Namibia.

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