KB4girls Adds 2010 Tour Stop In Queensland, Australia

Kristin Boese has opted to take her KB4girls clinic to Queensland, Australia so that she can help the girls prepare for the PKRA World Cup, which will be gracing Queensland the day after the clinic.

KB4girls 2010 World Tour.  Photo: Solveig RudickAn extra KB4Girls 2010 World Tour event will be held from December 3 - 4 in Queensland, Australia to support female kiters in the area. Kristin Boese's kitesurfing events are specifically targeted clinics focusing on coaching and preparing for competitions.

While riders of all levels are welcome to join the event in Queensland, Australia, the goal is to motivate the girls and women participating in the event to start competing in kiteboarding competitions either long term or immediately, depending on their skill level.

With the final stop of the PKRA World Cup Tour taking place at Australia’s Gold Coast from December 5th to 12th, 2010, the KB4girls participants will get the chance to take their new learned skills right into their first ever international competition.

“This is the first ever PKRA World Cup in Australia and I have been contacted by many female kiters in Australia that did not know what to expect or how to enter," said founder Kristin Boese. "I want to help them to have a positive first experience on the international competition scene and also motivate those that are not that far along yet to push themselves further and hopefully join in the future.”

Adding this KB4girls event to the schedule would not have been possible without the amazing support of the local kite community. With the help of Lyatte Peach, Kite Power, and the Brighton Kite Club, all requirements were met and a great event for the girls and women is set to take place.

Lyatte Peach is thrilled that KB4girls has added a 2010 tour stop in Queensland, Australia.

“After participating in the KB4girls clinic in Melbourne earlier this year, I took away a lot from the experience - confidence, knowledge and friendships that will last a lifetime. I am so proud to be supporting other women in the sport by helping Kristin to set up this event and to join as an instructor this time too.”

And it will be thanks to Kitepower Queensland and the Brighton Kite Club that have teamed up to support this non-profit, female-only event that the participants are going to enjoy boat support, drinks and snacks on the beach, a BBQ in the evening and more.

“We’re very excited to have such a positive event happening in Queensland," said Jon from Kitepower Queensland. "It’s always great to see the girls out there riding and a clinic like this just pushes everyone to ride better and safer. This will be an awesome event for sure!”


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