KB4girls 2010 World Tour in Maui

The stop of the 2010 KB4girls World Tour in Maui was yet again celebrated by participants, trainers and sponsors alike. Kristin Boese's kitesurfing clinics are the perfect opportunity for female athletes to develop in the sport.

2010 KB4girls World Tour Maui.  Photo: Nate VolkFrom April 9th to 11th, 20 participants joined pro riders Tomoko Okazaki and Tonia Farman as well as World Champion Kristin Boese at the KB4girls 2010 World Tour clinic in Maui, Hawaii.  With expert training, the girls at the KB4girls clinic learned many new tricks and took their kitesurfing skills to the next level.

The kitsurfers started with an IKO safety briefing to ensure that all kitesurfing participants would be riding safely throughout the course of the clinic.

Kristin Boese, founder of KB4girls, was very pleased with the energy and determination that the girls brought to the clinic.

“Our KB4girls event on Maui has probably been the most action packed clinic so far and I am quite taken aback by how much we managed to fit into this two and a half day event.” says Kristin Boese. 

2010 KB4girls World Tour Maui.  Photo: Nate VolkMilena Kari, participant of the KB4girls clinic Maui, was extremely satisfied with the outcomes.

“The clinic has been great, I tried tricks that I had never tried before and even learned some new ones," said Kari. "I got to try new gear, kite with all the other girls and watch Kristin ride and demonstrate the different maneuvers. This has been the most fun I had this year so far and it was just great!”

This event however would not have been possible without the support of Action Sport Maui, Maui Sportsunlimited and Kite Club Maui who co-hosted the event. 

Suzie Dorn from Action Sports Maui says: “This year’s KB4girls camp on Maui was the best event ever. We had women from ages 16 to 66 with different backgrounds, skill levels and interests but all the girls share their love for kiteboarding"

Action Sports Maui has supported women’s kiteboarding for the past 10 years and they have taught thousands of women from around the world the secrets of kitesurfing.

Amazing volunteers are what make KB4girls possible in the first place and Tomoko Okazaki and Tonia Farman devoted so much of their time to helping out young female kitesurfers. The KB4girls World Tour clinic in Maui, Hawaii would not have been such a success without their help.


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KB4girls mit Kristin Boese.  Foto: redseazone.com

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