Girls-Only Kite Surfing Camp In Fuerteventura

Girlie Camps, in co-operation with Flag beach, presents Kite surfing for the first year in Fuerteventura.

Flag Beach, Fuerteventura. The location for 2009 Girlie Kite Surf Camp.  Copyright: Girlie CampsWith more and more girls wanting to learn how to kite surf, Girlie Camps decided to give girls the opportunity to learn how to kite. Together with Flag Beach, they present Girlie Kite Camps. They can offer the girls great instructors in surf and kite, and their Girlie package will give the girls an unforgettable week.

“After many years with great skate/surf/snow camps all over the world, I’m so proud to work with Flag beach and be able to offer the girls kite surfing as a compliment,” says Marika Borg, founder of Girlie Camps.

Fuerteventura is called “European Hawaii”, and there is good reason for that. With white beaches, crystal clear water and perfectly shaped waves the place gives visitors everything they need for a perfect trip.

“In 1999 I caught my first wave in Fuerteventra! I was so stoked! Now I’m back in my favourite resort in Europe,” says Marika.

Girlie Camps has been around since 1999 and offers surf, skate and snow camps for girls only, across Europe. They offer a platform for women who ride or who want to start, at all levels and ages. They have customers from all over the world and in past camps have had 45 different nationalities join them over the years. Girls attend the camps because they want to improve their sport and ride with and be influenced by other girls who have the same passion as they do.

ompetitors at the 2009 Grand Prix Petit Navire Copyright Francois Van Malleghem

Bruno Sroka and Fabienne D'Ortoli European Champions

The Grand Prix Petit Navire in Douarnenez, France has kept all its promises for the staging of the first official European Course Racing Championships, even when there was no more racing on the final day of the competition due to lack of wind.

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Sean Farley and Sandy Parker: North American Course Racing Champions

The first official North American Course Racing Championships came to an end yesterday in Corpus Christi, seeing Sean Farley (MEX) and Sandy Parker (USA) on top after 20 races in winds averaging 30 knots.

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