Winners Of Crystal Mountain Junior Freeskiing Championships

Sam Cohen and Camilla Loughlin take the first place wins of the male and female 15-17 year old divisions respectively. Strangely enough, the highest score of the 2010 Crystal Mountain Junior Freeskiing Championship came from the 12-15 year old boys.

 Meagan Brown-Dahl, Camilla Loughlin and Tasha Heilweil.  Photo: Event HostThe 2010 Junior Freeskiing Championships in Crystal Mountain has come to a close, with winners Camilla Loughlin and Sam Cohen. Day two of the event provided these young skiiers with plenty of new snow on the most steep and technically difficult venues they have faced all season.

Only three competitors started the day in the 12-15 year old girls division. Sally Steeves won with a score of 33.33.  Added to a score of 35.43 from the day before, the resulting first place score was 68.77. Crested Butte's Djemilah Birnie placed second with a total score of 54.70 and Jessica Sterrett took 3rd place with a 45.07 for her final two run total.

For the 15-17 year old girls, Camilla Loughlin was declared the champion with a two run total of 62.10. Meagan Brown-Dahl finished in 2nd less than a point away from first with a total of 61.13.  Tasha Heilweil rounded out the podium with a score of 60.40.

 Riley Rose, Sam Cohen and Conor MacDonald.  Photo: Event HostIn contrast to the girls, 19 boys moved on from day one in the 12-14 year old boys division. Austin Stromme's skilled and aggressive line, which including several stomped airs, earned him the first place trophy with an impressive overall score of 68.33, the highest overall score awarded for the entire competition. Following Austin in 2nd place was his teammate Nash Grimm who scored a total of 67.97. Matt Reuter took third place with a total of 67.80.

The highlight of the day was the 15-17 year old boys.  Utah's Sam Cohen, son of legendary ski photographer Lee Cohen, took a strong aggressive line combining small airs with left-side 360s and aired out the last hit with no hesitation stomping the landing. His total score was 67.60, just one third of a point ahead of teammate Riley Rose.

Rose took the air of the day award as he went speeding into the last hit flying over 50 feet.  His second place total was 67.27 and Whistler's Conor MacDonald rounded out the podium with a third place total of 65.73.

The Sickbird Award encompasses the most exciting run of the day and was given to Sam Cohen for his incredible style and line choice.

The Captain Jack award is given in honor of Captain Jack Carey to competitors that are inspirational and spirited athletes. The most spirited athletes at the 2010 Junior Freeskiing Championships in Crystal Mountain were Austin Stromme and Matt Reuter.

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