Playstreets for new school skiers

Staged for the third time on February 14th, the event featuring the most challenging course ever, additional obstacles and the world’s best new school skiers is certainly going to be a breathtaking spectacle.

Playstreets 2007.  Copyright: Elina SirparantaAs in the past two years, the natural playground for an international selection of extraordinarily skilled free skiers will be perfectly integrated into the winter sports resort Bad Gastein in Salzburg. Be it roof-tops, staircases, walls or banisters, the course is determined by the city centre and is spiced up with additional kickers, corners and spectacular road gap jumps.

In order to outperform their contestants and win the brand new Suzuki Grand Vitara the skiers must convince the international jury of their skills by performing acrobatic jumps and creative interludes and moreover proove they have got style.
An extremely challenging qualification and the even more exciting “head-to-head“ event mode demand everything and more from the athletes. This year there is a lot of competition and last year’s winner Oscar Scherlin (SWE) will have a hard time defending his title.

Among his fellow-contestants are Paddy Graham (GBR), Russ Henshaw (AUS), Richard Permin (FRA) and Kim Boberg (SWE) as well as Tobi Tritscher, Patrick Hollaus, Fabio Studer (all AUT), Sebi Geiger and Benedikt Mayr (both GER). Sven Kueenle, (GER) who has been part of the event from the very beginning, hits the nail on the head, “PlayStreets is unlike any other event there is. Natural obstacles definitely hold unknown peril, however they also enable you to really show what you got“.

Freeskiing Videos

Tom Wallisch.  Copyright: Amplid

Wallisch qualified for the King Of Style

The four winners of the King of Style Video Qualification have now been announced. Four American riders have progressed to the big air competition and will join the international stars already invited to the Peak Performance King of Style.

Under Construction.  Copyright: Petra Pfann

New School Gathering: Too much snow for the riders

Start your Winter. The motto of the New School Gathering was taken too seriously by Mother Nature. Because of heavy snowfalls and strong winds this year’s sessions on the Dachstein Glacier had to be cancelled. Step by step …

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