Nine Knights Big Air 2010: Markus Eder Is Winner

The story is like something out of a fairytale. Markus Eder never dreamed that his "Wanna Be A Knight?" video would launch his freeskiing career and crown him the winner of the 2010 Nine Knights big air contest.

Nine Knights 2010 Big Air Contest.  Photo: Klaus PolzerMarkus Eder is the winner of the 2010 Nine Knights Big Air contest.  The worldʼs best freeskiers and thousands of fans gathered at the Nine Knights castle for the event. 

In addition to Markus Eder, 15 other riders were invited from eight different countries to attend the competition.

The competitors were able to squeeze in a few training runs before Nine Knights took flight with a 90 minute jam session.  Riders were granted six or seven jumps to show off their skills.

The legendary Teddy Berr also entertained the crowd by throwing some crazy double front flips and a superman frontflip – totally naked!

Markus Eder.   Photo: Klaus PolzerFollowing a session with all sorts of double flips and super clean style tricks, five riders advanced to the three-run final: Bene Mayr, Austrian Luggi Brucic, Paddy Graham, Kristoffer Edwall and Markus Eder.

Markus Eder entered the 2010 Nine Knights competition through the “Wanna Be A Knight?” video contest. Eder's video of his best tricks not only secured him an invitation to the competition, but also gave him the opportunity to win the prestigious Nine Knights big air contest.

Taking full advantage of that opportunity, Markus Eder pulled off a perfect Kangaroo Flip Japan and an impressive Double Cork 1260° High Mute to claim the title.

Even the winner himself was stunned by his unexpected victory.

“I was so happy to just be here at Nine Knights and I had a wonderful week," said Markus Eder. "To leave as the big air champion is simply incredible. The season couldnʼt have ended better!

Nine Knights 2010 Big Air Contest.  Photo: Klaus PolzerKristoffer Edwall took second place with an insane new double flip and a clean Switch Double Cork 1080° Mute, while Bene Mayr landed in third place with a Switch Dub 10 Japan and a Dub 10 Poke Safety.

“The start of the week was not so easy, as lots of riders had problems with their travel schedules following the air traffic shut- down," said event organizer Nico Zacek.  "But then everything went great and today we had an amazing audience up on the mountain. This was the best Nine Knights event so far!"

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