Video Interview with Molly Barker

Watch the video interview with professional freeskier Molly Barker. Her ski sponsor sat her down in New Zealand and she explained what skiing really means to her.

Molly Barker in action.  Photo: Re WikstromMolly Baker can't help but smile all the time. She is in love with the outdoors and being active in the fresh air. Particularly, it's skiing fresh powder that keeps her grinning from ear to ear. As a part time nomad looking for the next thrill she travels throughout America searching for the next face to ski.

Molly Barker: The Interview

Molly Barker.  Photo: Re WikstromHer ski sponsor managed to sit her down for a few minutes on a trip to New Zealand to find out more about this soft spoken freerider from Toulmne. Molly shares her passion for being outdoors, offers a little advice to women looking to be more active in the backcountry and explains what skiing really means to her.

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