Frostgun Invitational 2010: New Zealander Wins 10,000 Euro Prize Money

The New Zealander Russ Henshaw has won one of the most important Big Air Events of Europe, the Frostgun Invitational in Val Thorens. Not only has he proven himself as a skiier, but now he also has an extra 10,000 euros of prize money in his pocket.

Russ Henshaw gewann das Frostgun Invitational in Val Thorens 2010.  Foto: Ben BurnettNew Zealander Russ Henshaw has won the 2010 Frostgun Invitational in Val Thorens. The freestyle star has crushed some of the World's best freeskiing talent in this elite European big air contest.

With four podium finishes at the Backyard Battle in Norway and the Red Bull Cold Rush in Canada last weekend it seems like the Marker Völkl Freeski Team is just showing off. Warmer weather is on its way, but freeskiing season is far from over.

A highlight was without a doubt the 2010 Frostgun Invitational in Val Thorens. With the prize money set at 10,000 Euro, the competition started with a two run qualification.  Then, a head-to-head final of the top 8 was to decide about the winner in front of a cheering crowd in the middle of the resort.

Frostgun Invitational in Val Thorens 2010.  Foto: Ben BurnettSince the training day was cancelled due to bad weather, the riders had only an hour of preparation time before the start. Russ Henshaw had a bit of a slow start, but finally got his trademark double cork 1080° dialled and safely qualified for the finals. 

Henshaw first eliminated Flo Bastien and then Sam Favret, before Loic Collom-Patton set the bar high in the grand final with a double cork 1260° mute.  Russ Henshaw did what a superstar would do and nailed a perfect double cork 1080 double mute in the decisive moment.

Russ Henshaw’s victory in France was not the only success of the Marker Völkl Freeski Team this week. At the Backyard Battle in Norway, Fridtjof Fredricsson and Pekka Hyysalo both made the podium as second and third, while Norwegian Klaus Finne took a surprising win in the big air competition.

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Jossi Wells.  Photo: Christian Pondell

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