Freeride World Tour: Jess McMillan unbeatable in Chamonix

There was no way, no line to pass Jess McMillan in Chamonix: At this year’s first contest of the FWT last weekend the US freerider finished first and repeated her victory from last years beginning of the FWT in Sochi, albeit at another spot.

Jess McMillan siegte in Chamonix.  Foto: VeranstalterIt was the kick-off to the new contest winter and it was a really good one for Jess McMillan. ”I’m so freakin’ stoked! I skied powder today and WON the Freeride de Chamonix,“ she posted on Facebook after her success in the French alps at Chamonix.

In fact, conditions were not as easy as the 28-year-old freerider described them. The face, where the contest was held, had earned some fresh snow the days before and those parts were a pleasure to ride. But at the same time there were loads of spots in the face that were rock-hard and icy, so the ”Pentes de l‘Hôtel“ face in the Brévent ski area also showed his cruel aspects.

Nevertheless, the nice American skied a gorgeous run, which made it impossible for her opponents to beat her. Doing an enormous cliff drop in a very fast run and adding some more smaller but also spectacular jumps, Jess set the benchmark with no one able to keep up with her for the first victory on the FWT 2010.

Just like the year before, when Jess McMillan finished first in Sochi, last season’s kick-off for the Freeride World Tour. And even if places like Chamonix or Sochi can’t be replaced, as they are either deeply rooted in the freeski scene or in the focus of the pre-olympic preparations: freerider Jess McMillan knows well about her successful starts into the contest season there. At the end of last season, Jess finished third in the overall ranking. The signs for a successful repeat of this overall podium result are looking pretty good.

Jossi Wells in Aspen.  Copyright: Flip McCririck/Shazamm/ESPN

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Winter X Games in Aspen.  Copyright: ESPN Images

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