Vertical Blue 2010: Suunto Dive-Off In Bahamas

The world's best freedivers head to Dean's Hole in the Bahamas for the Vertical Blue 2010 Suunto Dive-Off. Fifteen athletes will push their bodies to the limit in an attempt to break some world records.

Vertical Blue 2010.  Photo: Fredric BuyleVertical Blue, the world's top freediving invitational competition has organized the Suunto Dive-Off competition, which will run from April 19th-27th, 2010.

Fifteen of the world's most elite freedivers will gather for the Vertical Blue event at the 203m deep Dean's Hole in the Bahamas and attempt to reach new depths in three different disciplines.

In each discipline, the divers can earn up to 100 points.  A ratio of their best performance to the best dive in the event decides how many points each athlete will recieve. The diver with the most points at the end of the competition will be declared the Suunto Dive-Off champion.

Many record-breaking dives are to be expected at the 2010 Suunto Dive-Off in the Bahamas.

This years list of divers includes Will Trubridge, current record holder in the unassisted constant weight, no fins (CNF) category with a depth of 90m and Herbert Nitsch, often described as "the greatest freediver ever."

Nitch, now in his 40s, dove to a depth of 123m at the Freediving World Championships in December 2009 and has collected an awe-inspiring 28 world records.

Also present at the 2010 Suunto Dive-Off in the Bahamas will be Robert King (USA), Ryuzo Shinomiya (JPN), Walter Steyn (AUS), William Winram (CAN) and Carolina Schrappe (BRA).

The 15 Vertical Blue competitors of 2010 have a total of 58 world or national records to their names and almost all are national champions in one or more disciplines.


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