Red Bull Air Race 2010: Hannes Arch Wins in Windsor

Paul Bonhomme was disappointed by his loss to Austria's Hannes Arch at the 2010 Red Bull Air Race in Windsor Canada, but nonetheless he was thrilled to take part in such a close and exciting race.

Qualifying beim Red Bull Air Race in Windsor.  Foto: 2010 Getty ImagesHannes Arch has claimed the win three times in a row at the 2010 Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Each pilot had to take it to the next level in Windsor on Sunday, as the competition was hungry for victory.

With just a narrow lead, Hannes Arch was able to knock Paul Bonhomme into second place in front of the unbelievably large crowd of 110,000 fans. 

In third place was Kirby Chambliss, who made the USA proud by making it to the top 3 for the first time this year. 

The deuling pair, Arch and Bonhomme, had times separated by a mere 0.63 seconds. Hannes Arch broke the track record with a time of 1:05:96 in the final and Bonhomme put up a good fight throughout the race and ended up with a time of 1:06:59.

Kirby Chambliss, just getting used to the taste of victory, is looking forward to more glory in his home country. The American pilot was 3.03 seconds behind Hannes Arch with a time of 1:08:99. Nigel Lamb came fourth in 1:13:34 after hitting a pylon in the final.

“If we could win the race in New York it would be awesome,” said Kirby Chambliss.

2006 World Champion Chambliss, now on 26 points overall, moved up a notch ahead of Hall to fourth place in the championship.

“I’m really happy to win the race after this difficult week,” said Arch, who had a heavy pylon hit in training on Friday that damaged his plane and left him visibly shaken. “The team stayed behind me all the way. We tried to fix our problems. You need to have a strong team and we’ve got that. I just tried to stay calm and let the others make mistakes. I’m elated right now.”

Arch’s close call came just 24 hours before another dramatic turn of events for Australia’s Matt Hall. Hall's plane suffered an aerodynamic wing stall in a tight turn on the windswept track, causing it to tip the surface of the water. Luckily, Hall was able to regain control and return safely to the Race Airport.

 Hannes Arch gewinnt beim Red Bull Air Race in Windsor 2010.  Foto: 2010 Getty ImagesBonhomme, who still holds the overall lead, is beating Arch by 2 points.  Of course he was disappointed to succumb to his ultimate rival, but the close race was so exhilarting in Windsor that he was just happy to have participated.

“I don’t know about you guys but I think that was a brilliant afternoon of racing,” said Paul Bonhomme. “It was fantastic. Everyone raised their game. It was close for all of us. We’re sad we didn’t get the win but it was a great race. It’s going to be exciting right down to the end of the season.”

The next stop of the 2010 Red Bull Air Race will be in New York on June 19 and 20, 2010.


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