Red Bull Air Race 2010: Hannes Arch Wins In Rio de Janeiro

Competition on Sunday had to be canceled due to bad weather conditions. As a result, Hannes Arch once again claims his second consecutive win at the 2010 Red Bull Air Race.

Hannes Arch Winner.  Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty ImagesHannes Arch was declared the winner of the 2010 Red Bull Air Race in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday when the race was cancelled due to torrential downpour.

In the case of bad weather, the Race Committee may decide to cancel flights on Race Day and the rankings will be based on the results from the qualifying rounds.

Since Hannes Arch had won the qualifying rounds, he was given the overall win.  Correspondingly, Nigel Lamb came in second place and Paul Bonhomme settled for third.

Heavy rain and winds tore across Rio de Janeiro, completely soaking the 250,000 fans.  At first, the Top 12 round was delayed, but ultimately, the competition at Flamengo Beach had to be cancelled.

This is only the second time that this has happened in the 46-race history of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.The last time was in Longleat, UK in 2006 where Bonhomme took the easy win.

Paul Bonhomme now has 31 points after collecting nine points for third place, while Lamb trails in second with 28 points. After collecting 13 points in Rio – 12 for the victory and one bonus point for winning the Qualifying - Hannes Arch has a total of 27 points.

“It’s a good feeling to make up some points on Bonhomme,” said winner Hannes Arch. “It was an easy way to win today but I’m happy to be able to catch up in the championship.”

Nigel Lamb was pleased to narrow Bonhomme’s lead:

“It’s a really good result but deep down it’s a bit of an anti-climax for all of us,” said Lamb. “I’m kind of disappointed. At least I got 10 points for second, which isn’t bad.”

Matthias Dolderer.  Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty ImagesThe pilots had all known that rain was in the forecast. They all put their best efforts into winning Qualifying on Saturday because they knew there was a risk that the race could not be completed.

“Hey, it’s a net loss of four points in Rio so that’s a shame,” said Bonhomme with a smile. “It’s a long season. We’ve got another five races so it should be good fun.”

The next stop of the 2010 Red Bull Air Race will be in Windsor, Canada on June 5/6.


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