Red Bull Air Race 2010: Next Stop In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The 2010 Red Bull Air Race is back for more action in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Paul Bonhomme remains in the lead, but is not out of reach of his fellow competitors.

Nigel Lamb, May 5, 2010.  Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty ImagesThe 2010 Red Bull Air Race is heading to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for stop No.3 out of eight. Competition will be held from May 8-9, with a record-breaking number of spectators.

The British champion, Paul Bonhomme, is still in the lead but not by much. Up to nine rival pilots could easily overtake him if things do not go his way in Rio de Janeiro.

Bonhomme has a collection of 22 points from Abu Dhabi and Perth, but with a maximum of 13 points up for grab, he is not out of reach.

Engineers, May 6, 2010.  Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty ImagesHungary’s Peter Besenyei (11), American Kirby Chambliss (10), Germany’s Matthias Dolderer (10) along with American Michael Goulian (9) and France’s Nicolas Ivanoff (9) all have a chance to beat the current champion.

Nigel Lamb (18 points) trails four points behind his compatriot and Hannes Arch, Matt Hall and Pete McLeod all have 14 points.

“Rio’s fantastic and the Brazilians are a great bunch,” said Bonhomme. “It should be a really exciting track this year.”

Arch, who shot from 11th to 3rd place after his win in Perth, demonstrated how quickly the tables can be turned in this 2010 competition.

“I’ve got great memories of the race in Rio in my rookie year,” said Hannes Arch. “I love the way of life in South America, their emotions and their love of life.”

Paul Bonhomme, May 6, 2010.  Photo: Mouhtaropoulos/Getty ImagesAll 15 pilots are looking forward to the return to South America to race on one of the most challenging tracks this year in a city abuzz with preparations for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The 2010 Red Bull Air Race in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has been switched to the Flamengo beach in anticipation of the enormous crowd.


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