Red Bull Air Race 2010: Paul Bonhomme Still In The Lead After New York

Victory in New York has given Paul Bonhomme a five point lead over Hannes Arch in the 2010 Red Bull Air Race. Arch was set for yet another event win until he crashed into a pylon in the final 4.

Red Bull Air Race New York.  Photo: Hamish Blair/Getty ImagesThe 2010 Red Bull Air Race made its way to New York City for the first time ever. The New York race on Sunday was tour stop No.5 out of eight total events. 

With three races yet to come, there is still no clear winner for the 2010 season. Paul Bonhomme remains in the lead with a point total of 53 points, while Hannes Arch is fighting to keep up with 48 points. 

Hannes Arch triumphed over Bonhomme at the last 3 races and probably would have taken Sunday's win also if he hadn't hit a pylon in the final 4, eliminating any chance of placing in New York.

With Arch out of the way, Nigel Lamb took second place as the master pilots battled it out over the Hudson, between the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan.

Over 75,000 fans gathered in New York to watch the action-packed race.

Red Bull Air Race New York.  Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty ImagesBonhomme's final time was 1:10.01, the day's fastest. Bonhomme had remarkably consistent results with 1:10.09 in the Top 12 and 1:10.07 in the Super 8 before his final time of 1:10.01.

“It's very good, and what a setting,” Bonhomme said. “I can appreciate the view now that I’ve finished racing. Great day. I concentrated on me, my airplane and the track. And now I think we can celebrate a bit.”

That was a full 2.05 seconds faster than Lamb and 2.08 faster than Chambliss. Arch was 5.34 back -- hurt by the six-second penalty for hitting the pylon.

Team Breitling’s Nigel Lamb is third on 47 and Chambliss has 35.

Nigel Lamb is in third place with 47 points and Kirby Chambliss - thrilled to be racing in his home country - now has a total of 35 points.

“As an American, I’m very, very proud,” he said. “It’ll sink-in in a while. I have to personally thank Hannes for hitting that gate. Thank you Hannes!”

Arch could keep his humor in defeat but was disappointed by his pylon strike and loss to Paul Bonhomme.

“It was a good run,” said Arch. “It was just a couple of centimeters that made the difference. I would rather lose here in style - going for it - than completely screw it up. So I think those guys in front of me owe me a beer.”

The next stop of the 2010 Red Bull Air Race is in Lausitz, Germany from August 7 to 8.


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