Ironman 2010 Hawaii: Long-Awaited Results Of World's Most Intense Triathlon

It wasn't until the last second that the results of the 2010 Ironman Hawaii were clear. The marathon was marked by a ferocious dual between Chris McCormack and Andreas Raelert.

Ironman Hawaii 2010 Ergebnisse: Chris McCormack siegt.  Foto: ironman.comThe 2010 Ironman Hawaii delivered extreme triathlon action until the very end. Even at the halfway point of the 26.2-mile run, no one could predict the results in Hawaii.

1,849 male and female Ironman triathletes gathered for the 2010 Ironman World Championships, also known as the Ironman Hawaii. Unfortunately, the resounding favorite, Chrissie Wellington, would not participate. She was suffering from flu symptoms and announced shortly before the start that she was unable to compete. This announcement opened a world of possible results for the women and led to Mirinda Carfrae's impressive victory.

Ironman 2010 Swimming Results

Early in the morning, the Ironman men and women plunged into the water for the swimming leg of the race, a 2.4 mile stretch in Hawaii.

Andy Potts was the first of the men to emerge from the water and get on his bike. He was followed by a large group, which included the 2009 Ironman winner, Alexander Craig, the Munich Ironman winner, Faris Al-Sultan, and Germany's, Andreas Raelert.

Rachel Joyce led the women's swim with Julie Dibens close behind her. The women's race champion, Mirinda Carfrae, lagged behind and was the seventh woman to arrive on shore.

Ironman 2010 Biking Results

The race continued with the 112 mile-long Ironman Hawaii bike segment. After 28 miles, the top 5 men were only Americans and Germans:  Andi Böcherer (GER), Chris Lieto (USA), Mail Twelsiek (USA), Ben Hoffman (USA), and Andreas Raelert (GER).

Andi Böcherer of team Abu Dhabi was several minutes ahead of the others from the beginning.

"I felt super during the first miles of biking, therefore I tried to break away," said Andi Böcherer. "That was hard with the wind and the heat. I wanted to at least finish on my second attempt since that didn't work out the first time I had participated."

At the 28-mile point of the bike segment, Julie Dibens had taken the lead and Mirinda Carfrae moved into 4th place. Dibens held the lead until the end of the bike, while Carfrae pushed forward into 3rd place.

Ironman 2010 Results Marathon

After the bike segment, the marathon would decide it all at the Ironman Hawaii. Chris McCormack, winner of the Ironman Hawaii in 2007, continuously made leeway, but Andreas Raelert was breathing down his neck.

For a long time, neither of them dared to make a move. However, as Andreas closed the gap on Chris and the two of them ran side by side, Chris gave it his all and pushed to the finish line.  With a time of 8:10:37 hours, Chris McCormack was declared the male winner of Ironman Hawaii 2010.

Andreas Raelert ended up with a final time of 8:12:17 hours, an equally strong performance. The Belgien, Marino Vanhoenacker, took third place.

With Chrissie Wellington out of the picture, Mirinda Carfrae stepped it up a notch at the 2010 Ironman Hawaii. The 29-year-old Carfrae pulled off a record-breaking run course time of 2:53:32.

Switzerland's Caroline Steffen (9:06:00) put forth a great triathlon, but admitted defeat to Australian Mirinda Carfrae (8:58:36). Carfrae was behind during the bike, but quickly made up for it during the run. Another fierce competitor, Julie Dibens, followed in third with a time of 9:10:04. Mirinda Carfrae's overall time is the fourth fastest time in Ironman history.

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